ullin place造句


  1. One of her brothers, Ullin Place, is well known for his work on consciousness as a process of the brain, another is a recognized British poet, Milner Place.
  2. Type physicalism ( or type-identity theory ) was developed by John Smart [ 17 ] and Ullin Place [ 42 ] as a direct reaction to the failure of behaviorism.
  3. Independently from the Andersonians, in Adelaide during the 1950s, the mind brain identity theory was being developed by two former students of Gilbert Ryle, J . J . C . Smart ( then Chair of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide ) and Ullin Place.
  4. However, other forms of materialism may escape this kind of argument because, rather than eliminating the identity theorists such as J . J . C . Smart, Ullin Place and E . G . Boring state that ideas exist materially as patterns of neural structure and activity.
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