1. It was located near Glen Ullin, North Dakota.
  2. He and his mother subsequently moved to Jamestown, then to Glen Ullin and finally back to Bismarck in 1927.
  3. "This is just ridiculous, " said Mary Brausch of Glen Ullin, N . D ., a Bush supporter.
  4. In Glen Ullin, N . D ., a solidly Republican crowd watched the debate at Beers and Gears, a bar in the town of about 900 people.
  5. One of her brothers, Ullin Place, is well known for his work on consciousness as a process of the brain, another is a recognized British poet, Milner Place.
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  7. Type physicalism ( or type-identity theory ) was developed by John Smart [ 17 ] and Ullin Place [ 42 ] as a direct reaction to the failure of behaviorism.
  8. And he's not as polite as Bush . " _ Roger Geck, a semiretired tax preparer, who watched at a bar in Glen Ullin, N . D.
  9. In Glen Ullin he worked on a threshing crew, and by the time he was back in Bismarck and graduating from high school, Harold was working two or three jobs at one time.
  10. The name Tschida comes from the first mayor of Glen Ullin, North Dakota, the Vienna-born Michael Tschida, Sr ., elected in 1906 and a strong proponent of the dam project.
  11. At the Tri-County Jail in Ullin, Ill ., another Palestinian, who asked that his name not be used for fear of embarrassing his children, told a story much like Nofal's.
  12. "It's pretty fresh out here, " said Clyde Krebs, owner of the Circle K grain elevator at Glen Ullin, N . D ., west of Bismarck, where the morning temperature was about 8 below.
  13. The Louisville and Nashville Railroad came through in 1912, and is said to have named a station after a line in the poem " Lord Ullin's Daughter " by Thomas Campbell, which the community adopted as its name.
  14. By the 16th century R醝th M髍 became known as " R醫h M髍 Mag Ullin ", meaning " great fort of the MacQuillans ", and was burnt to the ground by Art mac Hugh O'Neill in 1513 after which it was never restored.
  15. Independently from the Andersonians, in Adelaide during the 1950s, the mind brain identity theory was being developed by two former students of Gilbert Ryle, J . J . C . Smart ( then Chair of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide ) and Ullin Place.
  16. However, other forms of materialism may escape this kind of argument because, rather than eliminating the identity theorists such as J . J . C . Smart, Ullin Place and E . G . Boring state that ideas exist materially as patterns of neural structure and activity.
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