1. Katherine Ullmer writes for the Dayton ( Ohio ) Daily News.
  2. CARTHAGE _ Named Leanne Ullmer women's volleyball coach.
  3. No injuries or damage was reported . ( Ullmer, Dayton Daily News)
  4. Katherine Ullmer writes for the Dayton Daily News.
  5. He married Evelyn Ullmer of Harrison Twp.
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  7. Katherine Ullmer and Margo Rutledge Kissell write for the Dayton Daily News, Dayton, Ohio.
  8. "I think it has delivered what Costello was looking for, " said Ullmer.
  9. The local auto club has no alternative to recommend, according to Chris Ullmer of the national club.
  10. Coopers & Lybrand banking division chairman Michael Ullmer said the government should be pleased with the report.
  11. The Event Patron was local MP Sir Teddy Taylor and the Chair of the organising event was Jonathan Ullmer.
  12. There, he met Reverend Karl Ullmer and stayed with them in Wilhelmsfeld, where he wrote the last few chapters of " Noli Me T醤gere ".
  13. Ullmer, a former basketball manager at Alter, said he was never good enough to play high school or college basketball but wanted to be involved with the sport.
  14. Ullmer is one of 10 team managers whose responsibilities include everything from washing team uniforms to fetching errant rebounds at practice to doling out players'per diem on the road.
  15. "We are not going through a dramatic pullback-- we felt we had a modest exposure to start with, " said Michael Ullmer, head of risk management.
  16. Junior forward Kwadjo Steele, who played three years at Dunbar High School, and Mike Ullmer, a team manager from Centerville, are two key behind-the-scenes members of the Buckeyes.
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