1. Many computers and other devices allow for underclocking.
  2. Manufacturers add underclocking options for many reasons.
  3. The heat produced by CPUs can be further reduced by undervolting, underclocking or both.
  4. It could be overheating, which some systems deal with by automatically underclocking, which would reduce performance.
  5. Underclocking can help with excessive heat buildup, because lower performance will not generate as much heat inside the device.
  6. It's difficult to find underclocking in a sentence. 用underclocking造句挺難的
  7. Laptop computers and other battery-operated devices often have underclocking settings, so that batteries can last longer without being charged.
  8. In addition to providing underclocking features, manufacturers can choose to limit the capability of a machine in order to make it more efficient.
  9. Underclocking is almost always involved in the latter stages of Undervolting which seeks to find the highest clock speed that a processor will stably operate at a given voltage.
  10. There are several different underclocking competitions similar in format to overclocking competitions, except the goal is to have the lowest clocked computer, as opposed to the highest.
  11. A given device may operate correctly at its stock speed even when undervolted, in which case underclocking would only be employed after further reductions in voltage finally destabilizes the part.
  12. Conversely, the primary goal of underclocking is to reduce power consumption and the resultant heat generation of a device, with the trade-offs being lower clock speeds and reductions in performance.
  13. Anyways, considering that the motherboard doesn't support underclocking, you're really going to find it difficult to find a way to accomplish it, if it's possible at all.
  14. However, it is important to note that the manufacturer-specified CAS latency typically assumes the specified clock rate, so underclocking a memory module may also allow for a lower CAS latency to be set.
  15. That is, while overclocking seeks to maximize clock speed with temperature and power as constraints, underclocking seeks to find the highest clock speed that a device can reliably operate at a fixed, arbitrary power limit.
  16. Underclocking and undervolting are usually attempted if a system needs to operate silently ( such as a multimedia player ), but higher performance is desired than is offered by a given processor manufacturer's low-voltage offerings.
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