1. I had stacked my shirts and underclothes in two empty drawers .
  2. Women ' s underclothes are a common fetish
  3. I dab out my underclothes every day
  4. Then it was hot irons and underclothes till six o clock , at which time joe shook his head dubiously
  5. Joe watched , with bulging eyes , a few shirts and several changes of underclothes come out of the box , followed by books , and more books
  6. It's difficult to find underclothes in a sentence. 用underclothes造句挺難的
  7. The emperor s new clothes , in purple , portrays an amusing , portly emperor , strutting through his town in his underclothes
  8. There was two old dirty calico dresses , and a sun - bonnet , and some women s underclothes hanging against the wall , and some men s clothing , too
  9. Mrs miriam dandrade that sold me her old wraps and black underclothes in the shelbourne hotel . divorced spanish american . didn t take a feather out of her my handling them
    像是曾經在謝爾本飯店把自己的舊罩衫和黑色襯衣賣給我的那位米莉亞姆丹德拉德太太91 。
  10. He was wearing a piece of white underclothes with initials " y . w " marked on it , a green and white color striped shirt and a pair of light color pyjama trousers when found
    死者身高約一點五六米,中等身材,被發現時身穿一件印有y w英文字的白色內衣、綠白色間條上衣及一條淺色睡褲。
  11. Bethel may satisfy man s need for wear completely . besides of suit , overcoat , west trousers , shirt , necktie and etc . traditional formal wears , we also have jacket , casual suit , t - shirt and etc . casual wears . in addition , we have underclothes , socks and etc . assistant product
  12. Sheng yang clothing weave co . , ltd . is it establish in 1985 , a wholly foreign - owned export - oriented enterprise that established , registered capital is 8 million harbor , lie in the domestic and famous underclothes production base , shenhu town of jinjiang that has the praise of good name of " famous town of the chinese underwear "


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