underlined passages造句


  1. Bishop recalls seeing Doe underlining passages in grade-school books.
  2. Later, you'll fix all those underlined passages.
  3. To find out what the problem is, right click anywhere in the underlined passage and choose Grammar.
  4. Batista handed her a Bible and asked her to read an underlined passage from Malachi 3 : 10, which makes reference to tithing, or giving:
  5. Fascinated by what he read, particularly by the essay on " King Lear ", he underlined passages and added comments in the margins.
  6. It's difficult to find underlined passages in a sentence. 用underlined passages造句挺難的
  7. An underlined passage by the poet Fernando Pessoa read : " Go high as the clouds that pass, go high as my thoughts, for I am the slave of your grace, as the cloud is of the wind ."
  8. Though Peter is about to transform into the ultimate evil, Maya feels perfectly comfortable hanging out with him, even on dark streets and in an empty house, where she manages to figure out everything by finding a single underlined passage in a book.
  9. Two times more she read through " In America, " delicately underlining passages that echoed to her from 30 years of lecturing about Helena Modjeska, the Polish immigrant actress who had inspired Sontag's historical novel and its main character, Maryna Zalezowska.
  10. Lee started underlining passages after she was approached by an Orange County Register reporter who described some language similarities, but focused on differences between the facts of Modjeska's life in a home in the Santa Ana foothills in the 1870s and the fictional tale of Sontag's actress, Maryna.


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