1. Wear padded pants and underliners and keep them clean.
  2. Depression-glass syrups could also be accompanied by matching saucers or underliners.
  3. We serve 500 cups of coffee every day . . . this means 500 underliners,
  4. Manufacturers such as Meriden Silver Plate Co . and Rogers, Smith and Co . created syrup dispensers with embossed botanical designs, matching plates or underliners and ornate lids.
  5. Mila said . General manager of the Mercantile Athletic Club, Franz V . Eichenauer, said the management had gathered ideas from all 175 employees on cost-cutting measures . " For example, do we need to use paper underliners?
  6. It's difficult to find underliners in a sentence. 用underliners造句挺難的


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