unless and until造句

"unless and until"是什麽意思   


  1. Unless and until you develop a written plan , your goals will remain mere wishes
  2. Normal people tend to forget this process unless and until they are reminded of it
  3. Unless and until the commissioner has consented under section 32 to the procedure being carried out
  4. The respondent shall continue to pay for the child ' s education unless and until the child has reached the age of 18
  5. Unless and until this speaker is connected to the mains it is useless . you are to be connected to the mains
  6. It's difficult to find unless and until in a sentence. 用unless and until造句挺難的
  7. However , unless and until the treaty enjoyed universal adherence , states parties would continue to be exposed to risks
  8. Unless and until we have this peace we will never truly understand whatever our ideas are , whether universal or just limited
  9. During recruitment , an employer should not collect a copy of the identity card of a job applicant unless and until the individual has accepted an offer of employment
  10. Unless and until the employer receives this guarantee , or if the total advance payment is not stated in the appendix to tender , this sub - clause shall not apply
  11. A data user may refuse to comply with a data access request unless and until any fee imposed by the data user for complying with the request has been paid
  12. Unless and until each individual who is a data subject of the personal data the subject of that procedure has given his prescribed consent to the procedure being carried out
  13. Please note that nothing herein contained shall be binding on both parties unless and until the formal tenancy agreement has been signed by both parties thereto and exchanged
    請注意, (除非雙方協商妥當、已經正式簽署租賃協議)這里不包含對雙方具有約束力的任何條款。
  14. Unless and until a formal agreement is prepared and executed , this bid together with your written acceptance thereof shall constitute a binding subcontract between us
  15. 1 this agreement shall commence on the date of this agreement and shall continue in force thereafter for the term unless and until determined in accordance with the terms of this agreement
  16. The data are not used for that purpose unless and until those grounds cease to be applicable to the data , whether by the rectification of the data or otherwise ; or
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