vacuum producing造句

"vacuum producing"是什麽意思   


  1. This means that the current applied to the vacuum produces particles.
  2. This machine would lay the foundation for every other North American Electrolux vacuum produced.
  3. Even the hardest vacuum produced on earth is still too dense for CELs to be observed.
  4. A vacuum coffee maker brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and vacuum produce coffee.
  5. An absolute vacuum produces a pressure difference of one atmosphere, approximately 14 psi, over the surface of the glass.
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  7. Vacuum produces a hold down pressure of at sea level, decreasing at higher elevations where the atmospheric pressure is lower.
  8. All by letting the bountiful natural ecosystem called the vacuum produce those odd particles, some of which have been predicted by an advanced but still speculative theory called supersymmetry.
  9. Goebel claimed his lamp contained a high resistance filament of carbon, platinum lead-in wires in an all-glass envelope, and a high vacuum produced with the mercury.
  10. If a liquid is used as the working fluid, the strength of the vacuum produced is limited by the vapor pressure of the liquid ( for water, or 32 mbar at ).
  11. The piano's keyboard was actuated by a vacuum produced by an electric fan, with a rubber tube connecting each key with a corresponding hole in the front of the piano's housing.
  12. During this period he wrote a few papers, one of which turned out to be an important contribution on the scattering of gamma rays by a Coulomb field due to polarization of the vacuum produced by that field ( 1933 ).
  13. The partial vacuum produced brings water through the suction valve to fill the chamber; but at the same time the air valve admits a little air, which passes up ahead of the water and forms an elastic cushion to prevent the water from striking violently against the steam ball.


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