1. Another man was vaunting to a stout farmer the excellence of his shoes .
  2. His plays were being well enough received to render the most vaunted dramatist uneasy .
  3. I was surprised to find that his much vaunted car was old and of a rather common kind .
  4. She is vaunting her successes to all of us
  5. The bank ' s much - vaunted security system failed completely
  6. It's difficult to find vaunted in a sentence. 用vaunted造句挺難的
  7. It ' s not your vaunted ability , it ' s because people don ' t die easily
  8. They pour forth words , they speak arrogantly ; all who do wickedness vaunt themselves
    詩94 : 4他們絮絮叨叨、說傲慢的話一切作孽的人、都自己夸張。
  9. For all of citi ' s vaunted internationalism , it still makes 57 % of its profits at home
    盡管花旗自我吹噓如何如何國際化,其57 %的利潤依然是從國內取得的。
  10. Ariakas was so impressed with toede that he pleaded with toede to accept the vaunted crown of power
  11. Charity suffers long , and is kind ; charity envies not ; charity vaunts not itself , and charity is not puffed up
  12. " as a true reading of the gospels - - the director ' s much - vaunted aim - - the film falls abruptly short .
    作為一段圣經福音書的真實解讀- -也是導演過度自夸的目的- -這部影片直線墜入膚淺。
  13. If the much vaunted systems do not work , then the central banks will have to step in ( as the federal reserve did with ltcm )
    如果被大幅自夸的系統不起作用了,然后央行將不得不干涉(就像聯儲處理長期資本管理) 。
  14. The numbers alone look impressive , as befits the world ' s much - vaunted determination to help end africa ' s bloodiest conflicts
  15. There is a time in every son ' s life when he resents the echoes reminding him that , for all his vaunted individuality , he is his father ' s son
  16. But what of that meaty lineup ? what of this vaunted ballpark ? what of the butterflies and the drama and the postseason emotion robertson is thrusting himself into
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