victoires de la musique造句


  1. She was nominated for the Victoires de la musique in 2002.
  2. The group was appointed to the Victoires de la Musique.
  3. In February 1993, Roll鑣 was nominated for a Victoires de la Musique.
  4. He also co-hosted the Victoires de la Musique with Michel Drucker.
  5. He presents that same year the Victoires de la Musique on France 2.
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  7. Yodelice was awarded the best new artist prize during the 2010 Victoires de la Musique.
  8. The song sold more than a million copies and was nominated for Victoires de la musique.
  9. The video was nominated at the 1989 Victoires de la Musique, but did not win.
  10. The DVD won a Victoires de la Musique award for Best DVD Musical of the year.
  11. In 1994, she collaborated with the British pop group Victoires de la musique ceremony in 2005.
  12. In 1993, she won a Victoires de la musique for best female singer of the year.
  13. He won that year's jazz trophy at the " Victoires de la Musique " awards.
  14. He won Victoires de la Musique in 2001 thanks to his song " Maman ".
  15. He was nominated for " Revelation Album of the Year " during Victoires de la musique 2015.
  16. This DVD was awarded the 2010 Victoires de la musique award for best musical DVD of the year.
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