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  1. National Assembly spokesman Vu Mao, speaking with reporters recently, would give no details.
  2. National Assembly spokesman Vu Mao told reporters this week.
  3. Vu Mao, a Central Committee member, said in the official eulogy read out at the funeral.
  4. National Assembly spokesman Vu Mao told reporters.
  5. Vu Mao, director of the National Assembly Office, said today the banks face " problems that need to be addressed ."
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  7. Vu Mao did not deny the reports outright, saying only that if there were voting violations they should be brought to his attention.
  8. Conference delegates were also expected to discuss terrorism, economic growth and a possible ASEAN university, said Vu Mao, secretary general of the inter-parliamentary group.
  9. Assembly spokesman Vu Mao told a news conference Saturday that the code, which takes effect next July 1, will not force any changes in existing foreign contracts.
  10. The government hopes to fill about 20 percent of National Assembly seats with non-Party representatives, up from the current 8 percent, assembly spokesman Vu Mao told reporters Thursday.
  11. The session _ one of two held each year _ begins next Tuesday and will last more than a month, said Vu Mao, head of the National Assembly Office.
  12. Although the National Assembly _ Vietnam's top lawmaking body _ has adopted more than 700 laws in recent years, only a fraction have been implemented, said Vu Mao, chairman of the National Assembly Office.
  13. Party officials have talked recently of the need for rejuvenation, but Vu Mao, head of the National Assembly office, said, " The principle of our party organization is to have development go along with continuity ."
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