1. WHITIA was formerly known as the World Health Imaging Alliance ( WHIA ) until it formally expanded its scope in June 2009.
  2. WHITIA was recently ranked # 15 of the top 25 most influential people, institutions, and organizations in the radiology industry.
  3. WHITIA's first formal public launch was in April 2009 at the SIIM, which will allow both organizations to collaborate on specific initiatives.
  4. WHITIA cultivates high-level strategic relationships with non-governmental organizations, imaging industry innovators and academic institutions in order to integrate and deliver meaningful, sustainable, diagnostic technology to underserved communities worldwide.
  5. The "'World Health Imaging, Telemedicine and Informatics Alliance "'( WHITIA ) is a non-profit global health technology and social venture established in 2006 by affiliates of Northwestern University near Chicago, Illinois.
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