1. Alan James Whiticker was born in Penrith, NSW in 1958.
  2. Interviewed by Whiticker in 2004 Krilich said about the talented squad; " " The players in that squad were yet to reach their full potential.
  3. The Whiticker reference records that " the squad played an exhibition match in Bombay on the journey home so that the players could be afforded international status ".
  4. The Whiticker source suggests this was so that the captaincy could be easily handed to Fulton since the selectors were then thinking about the upcoming year end Kangaroo Tour.
  5. I've never known anyone as popular as Dallas . " Writer Alan Whiticker described his career, " central to the heart of the Wests club ."
  6. It's difficult to find whiticker in a sentence. 用whiticker造句挺難的
  7. Whiticker's reference suggests that McMillan revolutionised Australian fullback play and quotes rugby league scribe Tom Goodman : . " McMillan began the era of the'running'fullback.
  8. The Whiticker / Collis reference quotes a rather prosaic " Labor Daily " in praise of both sides : "  The ebb and flow of the grand final thrilled thousands who saw a great battle.
  9. Noll released the single " Man I Can Trust " on 1 October 2012 to coincide with the release of his autobiography " Shannon Noll : So Far ", which he wrote with Sydney writer Alan Whiticker.
  10. Whiticker writes primarily on matters pertaining to the history of the sport of rugby league in Australia, but also published works on subjects as diverse as classic film, the Wanda Beach Murders and an adaptation of Homer's Iliad.
  11. The Whiticker / Collis reference quotes Sydney's " Labor Daily " in praise of Souths'win : " " Newtown faced inevitable defeat, and while the margin was large, it hardly demonstrated South Sydney's superiority.
  12. Since 1986, he has pursued the dual roles of teacher and freelance writer, emerging as an accomplished writer of sporting history, biography and true crime . In 1997, Alan Whiticker completed his Masters Degree in Education and is currently the Assistant Principal of a Western Sydney Catholic Primary School.
  13. The group which consisted of Rob Whiticker, Charlie Pryor, Hugo Elliott, Dan Innes, Dan Robb, Rob Latham, Dick Alhadeff, Tim Wadie, Ben Jukes, Jan Safranek and Hadley Dean ( the van driver ), completed 840 miles in just 9 days . No wonder they went on to win Open coxless IVs ( the fastest crew on the river by 20 seconds ) and Senior I IVs at Rutherford Head.


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