whitin machine works造句


  1. He worked in the stock room of the Whitin Machine Works.
  2. In 1966, Whitin Machine Works was sold to White Consolidated Industries.
  3. The Whitin family continued to hold the Whitin Machine Works privately until 1946.
  4. After practicing in New York, he joined Whitin Machine Works in Whitinsville, Mass ., as a lawyer.
  5. It was the Whitin Machine Works however, which would have the greatest impact on the area and the textile industry.
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  7. The Whitin Machine works at Whitinsville, Massachusetts, established in 1831, became the world's largest manufacturer of textile machines.
  8. The Whitinsville Cotton Mill would later be used as a testing facility for new equipment developed by the Whitin Machine Works, across the street.
  9. The town takes its name from John C . Whitin, founder of the Whitin Machine Works, which at the height of the war employed around 7, 000 workers but is now shut down.
  10. During the mid-20th century, Saco-Lowell was one of the " big three " cotton textile machinery builders in New England, along with the Whitin Machine Works and the Draper Corporation.
  11. The Whitin Machine Works since 1831 : A textile machinery company in an industrial village; Harvard studies in business history | publisher = Russel and Russel | year = 1969 } } This title was also held by the Draper corporation in Hopedale, Massachusetts.
  12. Col . "'Paul Whitin "', ( 1767 1831 ) was a skilled blacksmith and pioneering industrialist who in 1831 in Northbridge, Massachusetts established the Whitin Machine Works, which would later become the largest maker of specialty textile machinery in the world.
  13. A great example of how Brownfield Remediation has been extremely successful is the Whitin Machine Works mill renovation in Whitinsvill, MA . A more detailed breakdown of this project, the Portland study, and an overview of the costs and benefits associated with remediation can be found in the imbedded file " Cost Benefits of Brownfield Remediation ."
  14. In 1966, a 28-acre ( 11 hectares ) site was purchased from the Whitin Machine Works, and on March 30, 1968, ground was broken for a new school building, which was completed in November, 1969 . The recent Rise Up and Build Campaign has raised $ 18 million and has inspired the building of a new Athletic Field House and Performing Arts Center scheduled to open in August 2017.


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