with the advance of造句

"with the advance of"是什麽意思   


  1. Those left on the farm will lose political vigor with the advance of years .
  2. Marxist concept of era developing with the advance of times
  3. On the development with the advance of the times
  4. To deepen our understanding of the scientific implication of the concept of eveloping with the advance of time
  5. With the advance of hpc , many high performance computers are developed and used
  6. It's difficult to find with the advance of in a sentence. 用with the advance of造句挺難的
  7. On marxist theory on the motive force of the dvelopment of society developing with the advance of the time
  8. At around 0730utc , winds at r1w veered to westerlies with the advance of the sea breezes fig . 4
    于大約0730utc ,由于海風效應, r1w轉吹西風圖四。
  9. Adhere to development with the advance of the times and improve party building teaching and research
  10. It s very exciting ; we re catching up with the advances of the higher planetary systems
  11. Furthermore , by reading books on science , we can keep up with the advances of modern science
  12. With the advance of stem cell research , stem cell therapy for renal diseases are attracting more and more attention
  13. Today , we should notice that the professional subject is developing at full speed with the advance of information technology
  14. With the advance of society , if we encourage the merits and eliminate the drawbacks , all people will enjoy a better life
  15. With the advance of computer network and mobile application , the higher demand of meters monitoring system comes along
  16. With the advancing of curriculum reformation in china , it is becoming more and more important to explore and utilize curriculum resources
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