yacht builders造句


  1. There are about 35 domestic yacht builders scattered throughout the country.
  2. Yacht builders included Adams and McLean ( at Cardwell Bay ).
  3. Yachts is a yacht builder located in Tainan City, Taiwan.
  4. Slowly more yacht builders are installing the Green Motion system.
  5. Constellations of lobster yacht builders dot the Maine coast.
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  7. She was built by the yacht builder Brooke Marine and launched in 1968.
  8. He owns the Dutch luxury yacht builder Oceanco.
  9. MB acquired Oceanco, a luxury yacht builder based in the Netherlands, in 2010.
  10. American yacht builder Phil Kaiko is getting a second chance in the America's Cup competition
  11. The foremost ice-yacht builder of America was G . E . Buckhout of Poughkeepsie.
  12. It was built at the Dutch yacht builder Royal Van Lent and delivered to Simons in 2008.
  13. Ferretti, a big Italian yacht builder that has been an investor favorite, is off 15 percent.
  14. It is this competition that brings yacht builders to the David Taylor Model Basin at the Naval Surface Warfare Center.
  15. It is named after its inventor, Briggs Cunningham, a victorious America's Cup skipper and yacht builder.
  16. "' Viksund Boats AS "'is a Norwegian motor yacht builder, currently owned by Rune Viksund.
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