yacht charter造句


  1. Port Yacht Charters will fix you up.
  2. "We forgot the category for major yacht charters, " he said.
  3. Cosmos Yacht Charters easily lives up to the built-in proclamation of its nomenclature.
  4. The yacht charter business is unregulated.
  5. The week of Sept . 11, 2001, she was prepared to open a yacht charter business.
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  7. Additionally, the islands frequently are a starting point for private yacht charters to the neighboring British Virgin Islands.
  8. Topics discussed include yacht brokerage, yacht charter, yacht transport and yacht delivery within the Mediterranean and worldwide.
  9. Writing about the demand for luxury goods, The Washington Post reports that orders for yacht charters are up 400 percent.
  10. The office of their yacht charter business, Majestic Star, was located on the 89th floor of the north tower.
  11. YACHTICO works with professional local yacht charter companies and has strong presence in Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean, Thailand and Malaysia.
  12. There are many newsgroups covering travel and tourism, from yacht charters and bicycle rentals to Concorde restrooms and bus station menus.
  13. There are about 20 sailing and motor yacht charter and brokerage sailing companies, which makes G鯿ek a high-class sailing place.
  14. Along with Bill Stevens, Caribbean Yachts Charters ( CYC ) under Dick Jachney ran a charter fleet of 44 and 47 Hylases.
  15. "' YACHTICO "'is an international Yacht charter, it offers rentals of professional crewed and bare boat yacht.
  16. Optional offshore activities include deep-sea fishing, yacht charters, bareboat sailing, and golfing or shopping trips to St . Thomas.
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