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  1. Hey , kirsten ' s already over at the yacht club
    嘿, kirsten已經去了游艇俱樂部了
  2. I was at dinner last night with kirsten at the yacht club
    昨晚我和kirsten在yacht club吃飯
  3. Yinhai lightens sailing city about qingdao yinhai international yacht club
  4. I had toind that out myself last night at the yacht club
  5. New york yacht club nyyc
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  7. This photo was taken by me at a yacht club in singapore , somewhere in tanah merah
  8. It will take place at the royal sydney yacht club . the shuttle bus will leave our club at 17 : 00
    在悉尼皇家帆船俱樂部舉行。班車將于17 : 00離開俱樂部。
  9. Henceforth , shenzhen longcheer yacht club co . , ltd . has officially become a subordinate to vanke
  10. It will take place at the royal sydney yacht club . the shuttle bus will leave our club at 17 : 00
    將在悉尼皇家帆船俱樂部舉行。接你們的巴士將于17 : 00離開我們的俱樂部。
  11. However , longcheer yacht club has been always an independent brand which exists and will continually exist after vanke purchased longcheer
  12. This zone extends from the eastern edge of the marine basin to the western edge of the new boundary of the royal hong kong yacht club
  13. This web cam looks out over the typhoon shelter towards the yacht club where many boats , junks and sampans are moored
  14. The social high spot still holds the same traditions 176 years on - with yacht club balls , dinners , cocktail parties and concerts throughout the week
    考斯帆船周在176年后仍保持著它的傳統? ?長達一周的游艇俱樂部舞會、晚宴、雞尾酒會及音樂會。
  15. This zone includes the royal hong kong yacht club , the police officers club , the causeway bay typhoon shelter and the new waterfront to the north of victoria park
  16. Staff members of the mrcc regularly hold maritime safety seminars for fishermen s associations and yacht clubs and for the shipping community in neighbouring guangdong province
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