year 1085造句


  1. The church was built by Skjalm Hvide around the year 1085.
  2. In the year 1085 Toledo was taken by the Christian king of Castile Cordoba or died in a Moorish refuge camp.
  3. Two synods were held there during the year 1085, in which Burchard, though not present, was directly concerned.
  4. According to Jan DBugosz, in the year 1085 Prince WBadysBaw I Herman gave the settlement of Aag體 to the bishops of WBocBawek.
  5. Harput and its vicinity fell under Turkish control in the year 1085 as the outcome of the Manzikert battle on August 26, 1071.
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  7. In the year 1085 he built a communal bathhouse conforming to the ritual law; and about seventeen years later, Sept ., 1101, he and his brothers erected a beautiful synagogue.


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