year 1220造句


  1. Universities began systematic training of physicians around the years 1220 in Italy.
  2. The earliest documented use for wine storage dates to the year 1220.
  3. Universities began systematic training of physicians around the years 1220 in Italy"
  4. The translation of the body of Thomas Becket took place in the year 1220, 50 years after his martyrdom.
  5. Bimaristan medical schools began systematic training of physicians in the Middle East, followed by universities around the years 1220 in Italy ."
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  7. The second church building was built around the year 1220 and it existed until 1890 when it was torn down to build a bigger building.
  8. Around the year 1220, the then reigning lord of the region erected a fortified tower in order to protect the imperial highway at the toll station in Horrenberg.
  9. Historians generally regard the year 1220 as the first year of the Age of the Sturlungs, although some wish to place its beginning at an earlier date because of the Battle of V眇ines.
  10. The first documented mention of the B鋍hle dates back to the year 1220 when Count Egon I of Freiburg gave the Tennenbacherhof monastery permission to use a field which was irrigated by a B鋍hle.
  11. If the stone is correctly interpreted as depicting this myth, it demonstrates that the myth was in a stable form for a period of about 500 years prior to the recording of the myth in the " Prose Edda " around the year 1220.
  12. In 1274 ( the year of the death of Thomas Aquinas ), all Aristotle's work was known and used in the universities of Paris, Oxford, etc .; It entered them massively from the years 1220-25, and by both Arab and Byzantine ways ( according to the texts ).


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