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  1. According to Voirrey, Gef was the size of a small rat with yellowish fur and a large bushy tail.
  2. The rat is brightly coloured, with bright russet or yellowish fur over most of the body, and creamy or white underparts.
  3. They are similar in size and overall appearance to the montane vole, but with a more yellowish fur and a grayer tail.
  4. However, it has a shorter, less bushy tail, shorter ears, longer claws, and a patch of slightly yellowish fur on the rump, which the eastern grey lacks.
  5. Christened the Annamite rabbit after the mountain range, it has short ears, a short tail, yellowish fur with black stripes on the back and a rust-red rump.
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  7. They have a cuneate ( wedge-shaped ) or slightly rounded base, and the upper surface is smooth and shiny, while the underside is densely covered with yellowish fur.
  8. Elsewhere he said that the taxidermed specimen, which he saw in 1882, was " half-coated with yellowish fur ", and that it might have been a fake or a cat with its ears deformed by canker.


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