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  1. The forewings are yellowish orange-brown with five distinct spots along the termen.
  2. The hindwings are yellowish orange or reddish orange with a brownish-black band.
  3. The hindwings are yellowish orange, but the anal half is pale ochreous.
  4. The forewings are straw brown or yellowish orange with scattered black scales.
  5. The hindwings are deep yellowish orange, but black on the basal area.
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  7. Lower pitchers range in colour from yellowish orange to bright red throughout.
  8. The ground color is yellowish orange, irregularly suffused with dark-brown scales.
  9. The hindwings are pale whitish yellow, varying to yellow or rarely yellowish orange.
  10. Most of the photos in our article show it as a yellowish orange.
  11. The hindwings are yellowish orange with fuscous postmedial and subterminal lines.
  12. There are two pale yellow to yellowish orange marks and some black marks.
  13. The forewing costa is yellowish orange and the basal area is yellowish orange.
  14. The antemedian, postmedian and subterminal fasciae are yellowish orange, oblique and indistinctly outlined.
  15. The forewings are yellowish orange with brown markings and a few orange scales.
  16. The hindwings are bright yellowish orange with five small blackish dots.
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