1. In contrast to Yumie, the Yumiko persona is shy and timid.
  2. Yumie appears in the Crossfire manga along with a split personality known as.
  3. On the women's side, Japan's Yumie Funayama defeated China's Wang Bingyu in the final.
  4. "Whoever caused the problem has to clear up the problem, " said Yumie Crisostomo of the Marshall Islands.
  5. In 2011, Ogasawara and Hayashi, whose name had changed to Yumie Funayama after marriage, formed a new team in Sapporo.
  6. It's difficult to find yumie in a sentence. 用yumie造句挺難的
  7. Yumiko has commented how hard it is for her to " get Yumie to sleep " after she has been provoked into action.
  8. During Millennium's attack on London, after witnessing Walter C . Dornez desecrating Father Anderson's remains, Yumie attempted to cut him down.
  9. Yumie Koiwa said as she suspiciously eyed an Issui-kai member standing on the bus and shouting into a microphone about a territorial tiff with South Korea.
  10. Yutaka Inoue, who last month stepped down as president of the House of Councilors, tendered his resignation to the House's new president Hiroyuki Kurata, said Kurata's secretary Yumie Shimada.
  11. Yumie knows various Batto-jutsu ( sword drawing ) techniques and is adept enough to kill even from outside the room where her victim is, but is quite capable of smashing men's heads into walls with her bare hands as well.
  12. Except for the security guard who works nights, the staff is entirely female, headed by manager Yumie Nagayama . " To be honest, " she says, " we've never really felt the need for a man around here.
  13. The story takes place primarily at a train station in Russia and features two female characters that are strikingly similar to Integra Helsing from " Hellsing " and Yumiko / Yumie in " Crossfire "; and who are, in actuality, undercover Axis spies in-league with one another for a common purpose : the success of Operation Barbarossa.


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