yumiko hotta造句


  1. She was replaced by Yumiko Hotta.
  2. However, Kandori pulled out of the bout due to an injury and was replaced by Yumiko Hotta.
  3. They would receive their shot at the titles on February 21, but were defeated by Keito and Yumiko Hotta.
  4. After the hot tag run ended, Takako found herself in the supporting role of a tag team with Yumiko Hotta.
  5. Arsion finally folded during the summer of 2003, after which Yumiko Hotta took over the promotion and renamed it AtoZ.
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  7. Lucas next faced professional wrestler and MMA veteran Yumiko Hotta at DEEP : " 57 Impact " on February 18, 2012.
  8. Shinobu Kandori was originally set to take on Gabi Garcia, but was replaced by Yumiko Hotta after suffering a rib injury.
  9. In 1987, Hokuto won the AJW's top tag team belt, the WWWA World Tag Team Championship paired with Yumiko Hotta.
  10. She began fighting professionally in 1996, winning the Florida State Continuous Fighting Championship before travelling to Japan to make her MMA debut against Yumiko Hotta in March 1996.
  11. During a tag team match, where she and Kyoko Inoue faced Yumiko Hotta and Mask de Sun, Nakajima turned on Inoue and joined Hotta's Bousou-gun stable, vowing to show her violent side in the future.
  12. After winning only one of her four Toujyuki Leon, received her first shot at the JWP Tag Team and Daily Sports Women's Tag Team Championships, but the two were defeated by the defending champions, Keito and Yumiko Hotta.


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