1. The current iteration of NCMS forms the basis for subsequent phases.
  2. A single iteration applies the above process for each row and then for each column.
  3. Le lancement de Iteration 2.1 comprenant la version bilingue de SCPSE est prévue pour février 2004.
  4. After each iteration the replacement factors are changed appropriately and repeated until a desired balance has been achieved.
  5. Steady state for the Optimal Contract Economy: The numerical procedure is similar to the procedure used to solve for the steady state of the Bond Economy based on value function iteration.
  6. It's difficult to find iteration in a sentence. 用iteration造句挺難的
  7. Once the iteration on the value function has converged, we use the agents’ policy rules to find the invariant distribution of agents over a. Starting from an initial distribution, we iterate until convergence.


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