1. Raczynska, M. Recoverability of the buyer's lost resale profit under CISG.
  2. « NM 45-102 » désigne la Norme multilatérale 45-102 intitulée Resale of Securities.
  3. La Norme multilatérale 45-102, intitulée Resale of Securities, constituait une tentative visant à harmoniser les règles relatives à la revente.
  4. The Artist’s Resale Royalty : A Report of the Register of Copyrights, by the Library of Congress Copyright Office General Counsel, 1992.
  5. Hereby files its affidavit with respect to the Commission's prohibition of simple resale of CDN services.
Document: - 1753KO 2005-05-06 -orldCom Canada Ltd.
  6. It's difficult to find resale in a sentence. 用resale造句挺難的
  7. Ch.2 - [14] Maintenant adoptée par tous les organismes de réglementation des valeurs mobilières canadiens autres que le Québec sous le nom de Norme multilatérale 45-102, Resale of Securities.
Description: Call-Net will like to commend Bell Canada for making these tariffed resale solutions available to the industry and supports Bell Canada's request for immediate approval of the proposed tariffs.
  9. • La Norme multilatérale 45-102, intitulée « Resale of Securities », qui instaurait des périodes de retenue uniformes en remplacement des périodes de retenue locales prévues dans les différentes lois provinciales[49].
  10. Pursuant to paragraph 253 of the above-noted decision, Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. hereby files its affidavit concerning the Commission's prohibition on simple resale of CDN services.
Document: 050307.pdf - 103KO

2005-03-07 - Rogers Wireless Inc. and Fido Solutions Inc.
  11. À l'appui de ce qu'il avançait, il a renvoyé à l'extrait suivant de l'ouvrage de G.H.L. Fridman, intitulé The Law of Agency [40] : As regards possible confusion of agents and buyers, this may arise where the function of the ‘agent' is really as a ‘middleman', eg, a retail dealer or supplier of goods, who obtains goods from a wholesale supplier or a manufacturer, for subsequent resale to retail customers or suppliers who, in turn, will be dealing with retail dealers or shopkeepers.
  12. 9.3.3 In determining whether and to what extent a reimbursement should be made when the export price is constructed in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 2, authorities should take account of any change in normal value, any change in costs incurred between importation and resale, and any movement in the resale price which is duly reflected in subsequent selling prices, and should calculate the export price with no deduction for the amount of anti-dumping duties paid when conclusive evidence of the above is provided.


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