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  1. The index for consumer computers fell 2.8% to 21.0.
  2. The Index est un gratte-ciel en construction à Dubaï.
  3. The index for consumer computers fell 1.0% to 19.1.
  4. The index for commercial computers declined 1.0% from November to 38.0.
  5. Vous pouvez commander The Index pour 49,95 dollars néo-zélandais plus frais de port.
  6. It's difficult to find the index in a sentence. 用the index造句挺難的
  7. ABN AMRO has also been removed from the index since the last annual reclassification.
  8. The index level in June now stands at 128.4, its highest level since 1988.
  9. On a country-wide scale both the index values and their spatial extent are important.
  10. Nouvelle Zélande The Index – plus de 1 000 contacts de l'industrie de la musique néo-zélandaise.
  11. Chart 8 shows the index of unemployment claims for males and females five years after landing.
  12. The Index est la seule publication qui contient un guide complet de contacts dans plus de 90 catégories.
  13. The index measures the extent to which people have confidence in and abide by the rules in their societies.
  14. The index for commercial computers declined 0.2% from July to 41.1 while the consumer computers index fell 2.1% to 23.6.
  15. Vous pouvez chercher des publicistes dans l'AMID et The Index ou demander des recommandations personnelles lorsque que vous réservez des salles.
  16. The index ranks more than 150 countries in terms of perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys.
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