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  • You have now installed rational agent controller
    現在您已經安裝好了rational agent controller 。
  • When the behaviors and utility functions of the firm owner and the auditor are described , the rational agent characteristic should be applied as a basic assumption
  • To close the installer and return to the launchpad where you may install the rational agent controller , either now or at a later time
    ,關閉安裝程序并返回launchpad ,在這里您可以安裝rational agent controller ,可以現在安裝,也可以稍后再安裝。
  • You then need to start the browser manually and set the proxy settings correctly so that it sends information through the ibm rational agent controller
    接下來,您需要手動啟動瀏覽器并且正確設定代理設定,這樣它才能透過ibm rational agent controller發送信息。
  • That is a big “ if ” . economists frequently explain eccentric behaviour with a model of two rational agents in one body , battling to outwit each other
    這是一個巨大的“如果” 。經濟學家經常用一種模型來解釋古怪的行為,即一個主體內有兩個理性行動者,它們爭著顯示自己比對方高明。
  • In the last , we summarized the theories of the rational agent and the mobile agent , and also illustrated the application of these theories to the electronic commerce , and viewed the future of the application of the agent ' s technology
  • Ibm rational agent controller is a daemon that allows client applications to launch and manage local or remote applications and provides information about running applications to other applications
    Ibm rational agent controller是一個守護進程,讓客戶機應用可以啟動并管理本地或遠程的應用程序,并為其他應用程序提供有關正在運行的程序的一些信息。
  • State is a rational agent , and is nearly the only one important agent in international politics ; second , security dilemma can not be eliminated thoroughly but can be mitigated to some extent ; third , hegemonic stability is one of conditions of peace ; fourth , military power and alignment are means to attain nation ' s goals ; fifth , international security cooperation is an necessary and important way of self - help as well as the balance of power ; sixth , the chief goal of state is security , not power ; seventh , state is concerned with not only relative gains but also absolute gains ; eighth , security is adequate in international system , and the optimal way to achieve security is to adopt a defensive strategy ; ninth , cognitive factors have important effects on nation ' s strategy ; tenth , there is no inevitable cause and effect relation between the rising of new great power and war , etc . section two : realities and unreality of the security viewpoints of defensive realism
    國家是一理性行為體,且幾乎是國際政治中唯一重要之行為體; 2 、安全困境廣泛存在且不可根除(盡管可通過一定的手段來緩解) ; 3 、霸權穩定是達至和平的一個條件; 4 、軍力和聯盟是達到國家目的的手段; 5 、安全合作是除均勢外國家自救的一個必要和重要的手段; 6 、國家的首要目的不是權力而是安全; 7 、國家既關心相對得失又關心絕對得失; 8 、國際體系中的安全是充足的,國家獲取安全的最佳途徑通常是采取防御性的戰略; 9 、承認認知對國家戰略有著重要作用; 10 、新大國的崛起和戰爭之間沒有必然聯系等。第二部分利用史實較為詳盡的分析了防御性現實主義安全觀的現實性。
  • It says that once , if ever , reflective equilibrium is attained , the principles of political justice ( content ) may be represented as the outcome of a certain procedure of construction ( structure ) . in this procedure , as modeled by the original position , rational agents , as representatives of citizens and subject to reasonable conditions , select the public principles of justice to regulate the basic structure of society
    一旦達到反思平衡,政治正義的原則(內容)就可以描述為某種建構程序(結構)的結果,在這一山原初狀態所塑造的程序中,合理的行為主體? ?作為公民的代表并服從理性的條件? ?選擇公共正義原則來規導社會的基本結構。
  • The origin of the fund - management stimulating problem is that the standard of rational agent ’ s activities is utility maximum . but , in the reality , the fund investor and the fund administrator are a kind of consignation and there is information asymmetry . the fund investor ( principle ) wants to make the fund administrator ( agent ) act according to the benefits of the former , but the investor ca n ' t observe the investment activity of the administrator directly and in time . he can only observe other variables which are decided by the administrator ’ s activity and other outside uncertain factors
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