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  • According to the modified direct lineal transformation ( dlt ) algorithm , this paper presents a three - dimensional camera meaurement analysis system based on general cameras . moreover , according to the rigid body model of the human upper - limb , a method of calculating the joint parameters of the human upper - limb is presented , which will provide the help for the further research
    本論文以直接線性變換( dlt )改進算法為理論基礎構建了基于普通攝像機的三維攝像測量分析系統,并根據人體上肢的剛體運動模型提出了一種計算上肢關節運動參數的算法,有利于以后進行更深入的研究。
  • Barren attribute as it was , disastrous as its discovery had been in many ways to her , perhaps mr clare , as a gentleman and a student of history , would respect her sufficiently to forget her childish conduct with the lords and ladies if he knew that those purbeck - marble and alabaster people in kingsbere church really represented her own lineal forefathers ; that she was no spurious d urberville , compounded of money and ambition like those at trantridge , but true d urberville to the bone
  • On grounds of theory and construction foundation of spatial data framework , watershed spatial frame basic data was confirmed . watershed spatial basic framework was erected , doq being taken as foundation data , utilizing screen digitalization technique to distill main vector lineal element . taking engineering as unit , united spatial base being supplied , vector - grid basic spatial data was managed wholly
  • Don t you really know , durbeyfield , that you are the lineal representative of the ancient and knightly family of the d urbervilles , who derived their descent from sir pagan d urberville , that renowned knight who came from normandy with william the conqueror , as appears by battle abbey roll
    德北菲爾德,你真的不知道你是德貝維爾這個古老騎士世家的嫡傳子孫嗎?德貝維爾家是從著名的騎士帕根德貝維爾爵士傳下來的,據紀功寺文檔記載,他是跟隨征服者威廉王從諾曼底來的。 ”
  • Based on the review of the evolutions of stock indices and the innovations of index products , this article discussed the different methods of index replication , and then sum med up those researches on different methods , arithmetic models and their implications , including quadric programming , lineal programming , robust regression , monte carlo simulation and genetic algorithm , etc . aiming to give a technical reference for index derivatives design , index arbitrage , and indexing investment
  • Declaration provided by the notary office in the country of residence or the authoritative agency authenticated by the chinese embassy or consulate for the applicant who has no spouse and another applicant who is not lineal relatives by blood , or collateral relatives by blood up to the third degree of kinship ; or certification provided by the chinese embassy ( consulate ) for the applicant who has no spouse and another applicant who is not lineal relatives by blood , or collateral relatives by blood up to the third degree of kinship
  • Parson tringham had spoken truly when he said that our shambling john durbeyfield was the only really lineal representative of the old d urberville family existing in the county , or near it ; he might have added , what he knew very well , that the stoke - d urbervilles were no more d urbervilles of the true tree than he was himself . yet it must be admitted that this family formed a very good stock whereon to regraft a name which sadly wanted such renovation
  • Due to the operating - temperature difference between the new material and traditional nb3sn and nb - ti , its characteristic cannot be easily expressed by a lineal function . for this new magnet , all the coefficients in the pde are complicatedly varied to ensure its accuracy . a protection circuit is designed according to its quench characteristic
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