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on grassland

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  • Taking dry grassland and desert grassland as examples , we attempt to creat the optimized decision patterns of sustainable utilization of water resources , aimed at soling the problems of water resources shortage in pastoral areas and worsening ecological environment on grasslands
  • Due to ignoring quarantine test on alfalfa seed that is introduced to other place and extensive alfalfa field management , the damage of dodder became more and more serious , the spreading area became more and more wide , the damage on grassland production became more and more serious
  • On the basis of describing the grassland resources and analyzing the current situation in china , the problems on grassland construction , protection and utilization were discussed , and corresponding policies and exploitation strategies on multi functional grassland , such as guarantee of food security , material supply , promotion of employment and net income , ecology protection , development of leisure and tourism grassland and heritage and innovation of ancient grassland culture were pot forward
  • The author studied the influences on grassland bird communities caused by disturbance in the dagang forestry center in jilin province during the period from april to july in 2001 and 2002 . the contents include : the influences on grassland bird communities structure caused by human activity in big scale ; the influences on grassland bird communities structure caused by grazing disturbance ; the influences for grassland bird communities structure caused by grazing disturbance ; the influences on grassland bird communities structure caused by habitat fragmentation . the main results are as follows : 1
    作者于2001年和2002年4 7月,在吉林省鎮賚縣大崗林場進行了干擾對草原鳥類群落結構形成的影響研究,研究內容包括:大尺度范圍人類活動對鳥類群落組成的影響;放牧干擾對草原鳥類群落結構形成的影響;火燒對草原鳥類群落結構形成的影響;棲息地破碎化對草原鳥類群落結構形成的影響,主要結果如下: 1
  • Accompanied by national , enterprise , and personal investment enhancement on grassland construction project on and on , analysis on feasibility of investment project scientifically has important practical impact and leading significance on decision correctly , improving investment beneficial , insuring the success of grassland construction project and sustainable development of cattle breeding industry
  • The result indicates that the precision of msavi method is 79 . 6 % , higher than that of supervised classification and unsupervised classification . such precision is able to meet the requirement of monitoring on grassland desertification at large scale based remote sensing data . all the study is based on tm images on 11th august 1987 and 9th august 2001 . the grassland desertification in the middle part of naiman of inner mongolia was taken as a detailed case study to discuss the discipline and driving forces of the dynamic of the grassland desertification during two periods
  • ( 2 ) runoff - yielding time on grassland with a higher cover ratio primarily depended on initial water content , and their relationship might be described by a power function too . surface crust could easily take place on bare land , so its runoff - yielding time primarily depended on rainfall intensity , and their relationship might be described by a linear function
    ( 2 )植被覆蓋度較高的荒草地,產流時間主要取決于初始含水量,兩者的關系可用冪函數描述;裸地因降雨產生地表結皮,產流時間主要取決于降雨強度,兩者的關系可用線性描述。
  • The habitats for moving about of great bustard are hillocks on grassland . and they prefer to move about on the valleies of grassland during their breeding season . there are 4 main vegetation characteristic factors that determine the nest - site selection , the factors are the vegetation canopy , vegetation density , food and the height of plant . the great bustard selects the areas with higher vegetation canopy , vegetation density , plant species and insect quantity . most height of plants are below 20cm , but we also found they move about in tall grass occasionally
    大鴇繁殖期活動棲息地為波狀起伏的草原漫崗地,多喜歡活動在海拔為170 300m左右,四周高、中間凹的漫崗凹地中。決定大鴇繁殖期棲息地選擇的主要植被特征因子共有4個,分別為植被蓋度因子、植被密度因子、食物因子和植物高度因子。大鴇多選擇在植被蓋度和密度較大、植物種類和昆蟲數量較多及多數植物高度在20cm以下,但又不乏高草的地方活動。
  • At the training session , li changping , deputy director of the sichuan provincial animal husbandry bureau , presented a special report on the development of animal husbandry in the pastoral areas and science and technology ; lan mingjian , another deputy director of the bureau presented a report on the strategy for the industrialized development of animal husbandry in sichuan province ; ze baisuo , president of the sichuan prairie research institute , presented a report on the sustainable development of grassland animal husbandry ; mr . bazil fritz , a canadian expert on grassland animal husbandry , gave a report on the canadian experience of sustainable development of grassland animal husbandry and the progress achieved in the sustainable development of grassland animal husbandry in hailar of inner mongolia autonomous region ; and professor zhang hong , head of the department of resource and environment of sichuan normal university , gave a report on the relationship between eco - construction and economic development throughout chinas drive to develop its western regions
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