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  • Furthermore , the aperture element model without thickness is present on the basis of the character of rcc dams and the symmetrical and anisotropic equivalental sequential model . the complicated seepage control measures of jiangkou dam foundation . the result indicates that improving drainage structure may successfully deal with the problem of the simulation qf dense drainage holes and the problem of seepage model of rcc dams are fundamentally solved
  • The five kinds 6f consciousness are : the consciousness of subject , of development , of problem , of creation and of cooperation . the five kinds of abilities are : the ability of assimilation and adjustment , of induction and deduction , of comprehension or explanation , of reflection and qf intuition . the fourth , they should study , teach and investigate
  • In the 80 ' s of twenty century , it has been transformed from military to civil use through involving the production of gas appliance , its water heater has been awarded as the " china top brand " on the 1st sep . 2001 . the group has become the one who possesses 7 filial companies after having completed the joint - stock system recreation , assets restructure , overall change and strategy modification
    Qf集團是一個始建于1958年的企業,是我國自行設計、建設的大型國有軍工骨干企業, 20世紀80年代通過軍轉民涉足燃氣用具領域,其熱水器于2002年9月1日榮獲“中國名牌產品”稱號,先后經過股份制改造、資產重組、整體改制和戰略調整,目前已發展成為擁有七個子公司的企業集團。
  • On the other hand , colleges " right of ddn1issions lllust be bdsed un su1ne - ell - designed guidiance and refrainment , " " hich come tyorn legal cotlstruction under the protection of it , the admission s } ' stem retbrm policies " " . ill be successtiilly carried out . when al1 qf the abo ' e - mentioned ttictors are concerned as a yy - h
    但這種“自主”不是冒目的、無序的自主,而是建立在良好的監督和約束機制下的“自主” ,這就涉及到招上制度的法制化建設,它是招生制度改革順利進行的前提和保障。
  • But up to now , for the qfii is still new to the chinese , people seemly to pay much attention to the model effects and mainly analyzed the advantages or disadvantages to the market , which made the focus on the necessity of the qfii introduction ; or they only started with the practice of the chinese security business to point out the qfii system defects , which is obviously short of the theoretical studies
  • In order to meet with the status and develop demand qf the oilfield electric power system , basing on the many series of transformer and the high performance demand to transformer in oilfield and the fact that measure instruments are incomplete now , by use computer control technology , a suit of oilfield electric power transformer performance and parameter integrated measure system is developed , which is for in - use , standby and choose type
  • By ways of participating the rebuilt of the qf group ' s training system and started with the basic principle of learning and training , the author has made a thorough analysis of the qf group ' s internal personnel training system and put forward the improve plan in the following phases : chapter 1 introduction brief introduction of the background and motivation of this training research
  • The paper is composed of four sects : section one , starting with the explanation of the basic notion of qfii , the writer has made a overall introduction to the institutional frame of qfii and emphasized the necessity of the qfii application ; section two , according to the market practice in china , the writer has analyzed the different obstacles caused from the qfii , and emphasized on the info - asymmetry is the main one from the qfii
  • The fourth chapter mainly studies the investment fund custodian , in this part , conception , legal status and fiduciary duty are respectively explored . then , the role of independent director in the corporate governance in investment fund industry is specifically analyzed . finally , some suggestions on perfection of custodian system , such as establishment of trustee committee , the separation qf the monitoring function and custodian function , and reporting to custodian by the managers before the execution of material transaction
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