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  • I will activate the air ( qi ) around my pectoral muscle by doing 77 push - ups in one hand before massage , i use my big and elastic pectoral muscle to massage the acupoint of customer ' s foot with qigong for beauty , dispelling worries , refreshing or slimming
  • During its long practice and evolution , tcm has developed a complete and independent theoretical system and unique and effective methods of clinic treatment centering on chinese herbal medicines , supplemented by acupuncture and moxibustion , medical massage and qigong , that is , deep breathing exercises
  • Hepatitis patient often has the enteron symptom of different level , if be disgusted with is fat , meal hind is abdominal distension , do not think of food to wait , the different breath method in tone breath can be used when qigong takes exercise , and knead an abdomen , massage wait for auxiliary result to adjust gastric bowel peristalsis and abdomen are pressed , eliminate clinical symptom
  • In accordance with physical engineering and theory of life science , this machine has ten main functions which are spiral massage , healthy scanning cleaning blood resell , physiological balance , giving a new lease of functions on life , beauty and physiotherapy , sports with fresh air , electric qigong , super sense and keeping in good health , and magnetic curative effect
  • Since we practiced qigong before , everyone in our family has a certain degree of extraordinary power and many magical incidents have happened around us . using such power in addition to the traditional chinese and western medicine that my grandfather and father have practiced proficiently . many patients have been saved
  • But there also is what do not suit qigong cure in hepatitis patient , weigh disease hepatitis for example , illness development is rapid , often be after the foreboding symptom such as calorific , disgusting , vomiting , icteric be deepened very quickly and appear haemorrhage , ascites , spirit is unusual , develop even for hepatic coma , the patient ' s condition is unusual in a extremely dangerous state
  • The patient of acute hepatitis convalescence , but right amount add vivid momentum , if take a walk , hit shadowboxing or do qigong to wait , but should notice , it is a standard with feeling fatigue , liver function of avoid by all means just returns to normal to be engaged in heavier physical labor or play football wait for acuteness activity , make the illness relapses very easily so , occurrence liver skill is unusual with liver area unwell wait for disease , make the remedial all one ' s previous efforts wasted previously
  • ) 300 surplus ( includes qigong , fanzeng , guangshangyue , likuchang , jinshanyi a lot of master works ) ; original creates oil painting 800 surplus ; withs fabricate factory , equips with advanced mount machine 3 , high volume production travels draw , fresco , boxes drawing , carries on hotel , unit waits for all sorts of order ; high - quality ' s seek , high - quality ' s service , becomes promote you career successful ambition cooperate partner
    300余幅(包括啟功、范曾、關山月、李苦禪、靳尚誼等眾多大師作品) ;原創油畫800余幅;設有制作工廠,配備先進裝裱機3臺,大量生產行畫、壁畫、畫框,承接酒店、單位等各種訂單;高質量的追求、高質量的服務,成為促您事業成功的理想合作伙伴。
  • Before hepatitis patient is choosing qigong treatment , the pathology of main basis liver , bravery , lienal , stomach will generalize measure of baconian diagnosis and treatment , when choosing qigong method yi yinggen occupies a men and women old young physiology is different , the constitution loses by force each different and individual qigong accomplishment and main symptom will choose more the result method of suit , but a little collective also principle
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