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  • "that" 中文翻譯:   pron. (pl. those ) 1.〔指示代名詞〕(a)〔指眼前的、說過的事物或人,又指比較 this 稍微遠一點的〕那;那個東西;那件事情;那個人。 What is that? 那是什么? T- is what I want to know. 那就是我想知道的事情。 Who is that in the parlour? 客廳里的那個人是誰? Which will you have, this or that? 你要哪個,這個還是那個? (b)〔用作關系代名詞的先行詞,該關系代名詞為賓格時常省略〕(…的)事物;(…的)人。 All those ( that ) I saw were inadequate. 我所看見的都不行。 (c) 〔用來代替前面已提到的名詞,以免重復〕 The area of New York is larger than that of London. 紐約的面積比倫敦的(面積)大。 After that we had a quiz. 隨后我們考了個小測驗。 (d) 〔指前述二物中的〕前者(opp. this 后者)。 2.〔關系代名詞〕(a) 〔引出修飾先行詞的定語從句,口語中賓格的 that 常省去〕…的。 those that love us 愛我們的人們。 those ( that ) we love 我們所愛的人們。 His article contains much that is useful. 他的文章里有很多有用的東西。 Is this the book ( that ) you were looking for 你要找的書是這本嗎? (b) 〔用作關系副詞承接表示時間等的名詞〕…的(時候、樣子、方法等,常省略)。 the last time that I saw you 上次見你的時候。 the way that he did it 他做這事的方法。 (c) 〔在從句中用于不加冠詞的,表示某種特性的詞后,作表語〕 Newcomer that he is, he knows what's the right thing to do. 盡管他是個新手,他卻知道應該做些什么。 and all that 以及這類的東西[事情];…等。 and that 而且(He makes mistakes, and that very often. 他犯了錯誤,而且是常常犯)。 and at that 1. 雖然如此還是;〔口語〕而且(The price of the tea was 500 dollars, and not a very good tea at that. 茶葉要五佰塊錢一斤,而且不是很好的茶。It was a dull play but at that Jack enjoyed it. 那是出枯燥無味的戲,可是杰克還真喜歡它)。 2. 〔美俚〕真正,實在。 Come out of that! 〔俚語〕走開,出去;滾蛋! for all that 然而仍舊。 like that 那樣地。 only that 就只那么多。 So that's that.=That's that. 完了,就是這樣〔發言完畢時的話〕(I won't go and that's that. 說不去就不去)。 that being so 因為那個緣故,因此。 that is (to say) 這就是說,即。 That's it. 對啦,正是如此。 That's so!=That's right! 好;是的;〔美國〕贊成! T- [those] will do. 那正好[正合適],行了。 upon that 于是,于是馬上。 with that 于是;這樣說著。 adj. 〔指示形容詞,后接復數名詞時用 these〕 1.那,那個。 (a) 〔指面前看得見的〕:Can you see those trees 你看得見那些樹嗎? that man there (看)那個人。 (b) 〔指不詳細說也知道的東西〕:What was that noise 那聲音是什么? (c) 〔用指遠處的一切東西或過去的時候〕: from that day on 從那天起。 in that country 在那個國家。 in those days 在那時候。 that day 那一天。 that once 那一次。 (d) 〔和 this 搭配應用〕: He went to this doctor and that. 他看過好些醫生〔這個和那個等等醫生〕。 2.那,那個,那種。 that sonorous voice which we know so well 我們所熟悉的那種洪亮的聲音。 that horse of yours 你那匹馬。 that courage which you boast of 你所夸耀的那種勇氣。 3.〔和連詞 that 同用〕那樣的。 He has that confidence in his theory that he would put it into practice tomorrow. 他對自己理論抱有那樣的自信簡直明天就要拿去實行一樣。 He was angry to that degree that he foamed at the mouth. 他氣得嘴邊沫子直冒。 that kind 〔美俚〕那種(沒價值),不愉快的[東西、人]。 1.〔引導名詞從句,本身無詞匯意義,常可省去〕I know ( that ) it was so. 我知道當時是那樣的。 It is certain that he was there. 他當時在那里,這是確實的。 He said ( that ) he was there. 他說當時他在那里。 2.〔引導包含 may, might, should 等情態動詞的狀語從句,表示目的〕為…。 We eat that we may live. 我們是為了活下去而吃飯的。 3.〔在 so, such 之后引出表示結果的狀語從句〕I am so tired ( that ) I cannot stand. 我累得站不住。 4.〔引出表示理由或原因的狀語從句〕因為。 I am glad that he came. (因為)他來了我很高興。 Not that I'm unwilling to do the job, but I'm unequal to it. 不是因為我不愿意干這個工作,而是我干不了。 5.〔引出表示判斷的標準的狀語從句〕 Are you mad that you speak so wild 你瘋了嗎? 那樣亂講! 6.〔引導表示愿望、驚愕、憤恨等的從句,主語常可省略〕要是…多好;想不到…;希望。 T- [Would that] I had never been born! 我要是沒有生下來那多好。 T- it should ever come to this! 想不到會到這個地步。 O [Would] that it might be the last. 希望這是最后一次[希望不要再有這種事]。 in that 〔古、書面語〕以…的理由,因為(in that they are men 因為他們是男人)。 not that (…之事)并非如此(not that I know of 據我所知并非如此)。 now that 既然,由于(Now that you mention it, I do remember. 你這樣一說,我想起來了)。 seeing that 因為。 IV adv. 〔口語〕那樣,那么。 He wasn't that angry. 他沒有那么生氣。 He knows only that much. 他就知道那么多。 Can she walk that far 她能走得那么遠嗎? I stayed in your house for a week when you were that high. 你才那么高的時候,我在你家住過一個星期。
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