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to act against中文

用"to act against"造句"to act against"怎麼讀
  • 違反
  • "act" 中文翻譯:   n. 1.行為;舉動;動作。 2.決議,決議書;法令,條 ...
  • "against" 中文翻譯:    Are you for or against ...
  • "act against" 中文翻譯:   違反
  • "act against duty" 中文翻譯:   違反義務行為
  • "act against restraint of competition" 中文翻譯:   反限制競爭法
  • "act going against the law" 中文翻譯:   與法律相抵觸的行為
  • "against" 中文翻譯:    Are you for or against the plan? 那個計劃你是贊同呢還是反對? Her age is against her. 她的年齡不行了。 Luck is against him. 他運氣不好。 Talk against sb. 說(人)壞話。 Against rule 犯規。 Fight for the weak against the strong 扶弱抑強。 Inform against sb. 告發(某人)。 Set a chair against the wall 把椅子靠在墻上。 Caution against fire. 小心火燭。 Against the famine 防饑荒。 Against the evening sky 以黃昏的天空為背景。 A matter of reason as against emotion 與感情相對立的理智問題。 The park opens five hours a day this year against three hours a day last year. 這公園今年每天開放五小時,而去年每天開放三小時。 Document against Acceptance. 承兌后交單。 The rates against pounds sterling 英鎊兌換率。 Against a rainy day 未雨綢繆,以備不時之需。 Against all chances 無望。 Against one's will 無可奈何地,無奈。 Against the stream 逆流;(在逆境中)奮斗。 Against time [the clock] 準時,按時,盡快;加油,使勁兒。 Be against 反對。 Be up against (it) 遇到(經濟上的)巨大困難。 Over against (the cinema) 在(電影院)正對面,正對電影院。 Run up against 忽然碰上[碰到]。 〔古、方〕在…之時,在…之前。
  • "as against" 中文翻譯:   與...相對照
  • "be against" 中文翻譯:   反對,違背; 違反, 無視, 不顧
  • "not for or against" 中文翻譯:   不贊成不反對
  • "act" 中文翻譯:    = 1.Association of Classroom Teachers (美國)任課教師協會。 2.American College Test 美國大學測驗。 3.Australian Capital Territory (澳大利亞)首都直轄區。 n. 1.行為;舉動;動作。 2.決議,決議書;法令,條例。 3.(戲劇的)幕,段;簡短的節目。 4.(牛津;劍橋等大學的)學位論文答辯。 an act of hostility 【法律】敵對行為。 Act III, Scene ii 第三幕,第二場。 Act and deed 有約束力的契約;文據。 Act of God [Providence, Nature] 【法律】不可抗力,天災。 Act of grace 恩典,特典;〔A-〕大赦令。 Act of Parliament [Congress] 法令。 The Acts (of the Apostles) (基督教《圣經新約全書》中的)《使徒行傳》。 Get into the act 插手,參加。 Have act or part in 參與,是…的同謀犯。 In the (very) act (of) 正在動作時;當場 (be caught in the act 當場被捕)。 Put on an act 〔口語〕裝腔;炫耀自己。 To be in act to 〔古語〕將要。 vt. 1.演(戲);扮演(角色)。 2.學,仿效,裝。 Act the lord 裝闊。 He acted his part well. 他演得不錯;他做得不錯。 vi. 1.作,干,實行,舉止。 2.生效,發生作用。 3.當演員;充當,裝作。 act the fool 做傻事情;出洋相。 How ought I to act? 我應該怎么辦呢? The medicine acts well. 藥效不錯。 The brake did not act. 煞車不靈了。 Act against 違反(法律等);作不利于…的事。 Act a part 扮演;裝作,做戲。 Act as (guide) 做(向導)。 Act for 代理。 Act on 1. 遵行,奉行,按照…行動。 2. 作用于,對…起作用[反應],影響到,有效驗 (Mind acts upon mind. 心心相印)。 Act one's age 〔美口〕行為聰明有禮,有大人氣了,不再頑皮了。 Act the part of (Hamlet benefactor), 演(哈姆雷特);做(保護人)。 Act towards (a person) 待人。 Act up 〔美口〕 1. 開玩笑,調皮。 2. (機器等)出毛病。 Act up to 實行,遵守,遵照。 Act upon= act on (We must heed the correct views, and act upon them. 對正確的意見必須聽,并且照它做)。 Acting in the spirit of 本著…的精神。
  • "act as" 中文翻譯:   充當,擔任; 充當,扮演; 擔當; 擔任,充當; 擔任,充任
  • "act as if" 中文翻譯:   行為象什么一樣
  • "act for" 中文翻譯:   相當于; 作為…代理人,代理
  • "act of will" 中文翻譯:   意志行為
  • "act on" 中文翻譯:   按…行事; 按照...行動; 按照…而行動; 對…起作用; 對……起作用;按照……行動; 奉行,按照…行動; 其于……而行動; 施于; 照行事; 遵照……而執行; 遵照……行動,奉行;對……起作用; 作用
  • "in the act of" 中文翻譯:   正做……的過程中
  • "will act" 中文翻譯:   遺囑法, 遺囑條例
  • "against the clock,against time" 中文翻譯:   爭分奪秒
  • "act act in the living present" 中文翻譯:   趁著活生生的現在
  • "act comparability act" 中文翻譯:   薪資比較法
  • "act of god; act of god" 中文翻譯:   天災;不可抗力
  • "from act to act" 中文翻譯:   娛樂插班生
  • "illegal act; unlawful act" 中文翻譯:   違法行為
  • "the bubble act repeal act" 中文翻譯:   泡沫廢止法
  • Who was the first organization to act against this killing ?
  • Who was the first organization to act against this killing
  • My program will not allow me to act against an officer of this company
  • All of which use common simple operations to act against distinct resources
  • Sir , i do not wish to act against you , i said ; and my unsteady voice warned me to curtail my sentence
    “先生,我不想與你作對, ”我說,我那發抖的嗓音警告我要把話縮短。
  • To act against one another then is contrary to nature ; and it is acting against one another to be vexed and to turn away
  • You shall not go about as a slanderer among your people , and you are not to act against the life of your neighbor ; i am the lord
    利19 : 16不可在民中往來搬弄是非也不可與鄰舍為敵、置之于死原文作流他的血我是耶和華。
  • And this is not a new fact , but it ' s necessary , since we have to act against the sons of perdition who are going to fulfill their diabolical plan
  • Thus , regional powers fearing the rise of neighboring rivals could decide that it is better to act against their future enemies before the threat fully materializes
  • The eu threatened to act against iran last night if it did not immediately and unconditionally release the 15 british sailors and marines it has been holding for more than a week
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