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amplification system造句

"amplification system"是什麼意思  amplification systemの例文  
  • Audible amplification system
  • Optimization of a sequence - related amplified polymorphism amplification system for lentinula edodes
  • 3 . establishing contamination free pcr amplification system by adding ung enzyme . 4
    于反應體系中引入ung去污染酶,建立了無污染熒光pcr擴增體系; 3
  • 6 . in this study , establishing contamination free pcr amplification system by adding ung enzyme
    6 、于反應體系中引入ung酶,建立了無污染的熒光pcr擴增體系。
  • Because all - purpose conference rooms have many types of requirements , the design considerations for av amplification systems are quite complex
  • The preliminary optimized design for a four - pass amplification system was given based on the conducted criterion of th e figure of merits ( fom ) and restrictions
  • Yukon ' s new directional sound amplification system ( dsas ) is highly sophisticated professional amplification device designed for enhanced listening and recording of distant and faint sound
    育空地區的新的方向性的擴音系統(員) ,是高度精密的專業設備的放大設計,為提高聽力和錄音的遙遠和微弱的聲音。
  • Portability between optical devices gives the dsas owner the luxury of combining the most appropriate optical scope with a sound amplification system best suited for each specific application
  • After one - step reverse transcription of the rna virus genomes , the viruses " specific dna fragments were amplified by nested three loci pcr , which the amplification system was optimized by uniform design
    選擇合適的核酸抽提方法,一步法抽提hbv 、 hcv及hiv 1的病毒核酸并一步法逆轉錄病毒的rna ,獲得病毒的dna 。
  • Moreover , the article mentions how to coordinate and integrate sound amplification system equipment with the acoustic design to get the most desired sound field with the least investment
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  • The conditions for long distance propagation and self - guiding are given . 3 . an optical amplification system for 10 ps krf laser with polarization multiplexing is developed and the energy of 140 ml is extracted
  • Besides this , conferencing systems , additional led displays , additional lcd desktop systems , audio amplification systems , digital recording , image processing systems , signal processing and conversion systems , and long distance control systems must all be integrated
    除此以外,還有遠程會議系統、 led輔助顯示系統、桌面液晶輔助顯示系統、音頻擴聲系統、數字錄音系統、多畫面圖像處理系統、音視頻信號處理切換系統、遠程監控系統等組成。
  • The main contents are as follows : ( 1 ) by employing the direct method , the soliton periodic amplification system in optical fiber link with loss is considered , and the adiabatic solution ( slowly varying portion ) and first - order correction ( rapidly varying portion ) for a single soliton case are presented
    本文的主要內容如下: ( 1 )利用直接擾動方法對周期放大系統進行了理論分析,給出孤子周期放大系統的絕熱近似解和一級修正解的積分表達式,結果分析表明孤子在放大過程中一部分能量以色散波的形式流失,而這一色散波主要由孤子周期放大系統的一級修正解來刻畫。
  • The amplification system was optimized so that the pcr with different primers can be carried out under the same condition . the pcr products were sequenced using sanger ' s terminator and fluorescent label techniques . sequences were analyzed and compared base on sequencing analysis3 . 4 and seq / ede software
    方法根據mtdna控制區及其周圍區域的序列,設計多對引物,探索優化擴增體系,使擴增條件能夠同時滿足多對引物的需要,用sanger末端終止法及熒光標記技術對樣本進行dna測序, sequencinganalysis3 . 4和seq ede軟件進行序列分析和比對。
  • Abstract : using the ray - tracing method , we demonstrate that a grating - telescope stretcher is the conjugation of a grating pair compressor . we present an analytical formula for calculating the phase dispersions of the grating - telescope stretcher . the computer simulation with the formula demonstrates that there exists an optimal material dispersion for an amplification system , with which we can achieve the largest dispersion - free bandwidth
  • At last , in term of the property of wide band of fra , the interference between channels of multi - channel amplification system is discussed . in multi - channel system , the relations between signal - interference ratio and input signal wave power , between signal - interference ratio and the number of channel and between signal - interference ratio and gain of fra have be discussed . the way of restraining the interference is produced
  • All - purpose conference room av amplification systems must handle audio in the forms of voice , music , movie soundtracks , singing ( for live performances ) , etc . , therefore the proper locations to install speakers , the power of the speakers , the number of microphones and audio channels must all be given serious consideration
    多功能廳的音頻擴聲系統由于需要同時滿足人聲(會議) 、音樂播放聲(電影播放) 、歌唱聲(文藝演出)等多種需求,所以在音箱的合理安裝位置、功率大小、話筒的數量、音頻處理方面需要著重考慮。
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