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biology engineering造句

"biology engineering"是什麼意思  biology engineeringの例文  
  • Life sciences , biology engineering technology , and related products
  • Life twenty - four months for original package , once copyright wuhu huhai biology engineering co . , ltd
  • Allantoin product introduction vitamin e acetate feed powder vitamin e oil - wuhu huhai biology engineering co . , ltd
  • Adopt modern biology engineering technique , refined through the method of withdraw whole blood from 40 - 140 days periods stud
    采用現代生物工程技術,取妊娠40 - 140天期間的孕馬全血精制而成。
  • Micromanipulation system is an important branch of mems and is widely applied in the fields of iatrology , biology engineering , industry and so on
  • Ferment engineering is an important speciality curriculum of microbe engineering , biology pharmacy , biology engineering , biology technology
  • With a large number of mouse lines of biology engineer are produced , establishment of embryo cryopreservation technology for preservating these resources is very important
  • Wuhu huahai biology engineering co , . ltd is located in wuhu green food economic - technological development area . it is invested by anhui baofeng group , sharing superior geography site and convenient traffic
  • It is put forward from practice application , and has been widely used in cad , such as the identification and repaint of sketch map , the auto generation of er graphs about documents in software developing tools , and dna graphs in biology engineering
  • Graduated from biology engineering major jointly run by harbin marine engineering college and hmu , started gamma knife therapy in 1996 and accumulates rich clinic experience and masters solid technical skills , gained master degree of imaging and nuclear medicine in 1999 , participates numerous scientific research and won technical awards from the province and school , published large numbers of thesis at national and provincial levels
    1992畢業于哈爾濱船舶工程學院與哈醫大合辦的生物醫學工程系, 1996年開始從事伽瑪刀治療研究工作,積累了豐富的臨床經驗與技能, 1999年獲得影像醫學與核醫學碩士學位,參與多項科研課題,獲得多次省校新技術獎,發表于國家級及省級雜志論文多篇。
  • It's difficult to see biology engineering in a sentence. 用biology engineering造句挺難的
  • Anhui baofeng group is a collectivize enterprise , which consists of three subsidiary companies : wuhu baofeng imp exp co . , ltd is the sale core , wuhu huahai biology engineering co . , ltd and hengshun chemical co . , ltd are the production bases . all of the enterprises have obtained iso 9001 : 2000 quality system certification , the products are all produced in accordance with gmp standard and some related products have pass kosher authentication
    安徽寶豐集團是以蕪湖寶豐進出口有限公司為銷售核心,以蕪湖華海生物工程有限公司和恒順化工有限公司為生產基地組建的一家集團化企業,所屬企業均已通過iso - 9001 : 2000質量體系認證,所有產品均按照gmp標準組織生產,相關產品通過kosher及fda認證。
  • Besides the pollution item , we absorb all kinds of industry items which are large - scale , full of science and technology and strong developing power , such as fine chemistry , ocean chemistry , salty chemistry , new pattern material , biology engineer , stainless steel , slap - up porcelain , electron parts , textile , garniture
    除限制污染性項目外,各類工業項目都可以引進,突出引進規模大、科技含量高、具有較強的經濟發展后勁和帶動作用的項目(精細化工、海洋化工、鹽化工、新型材料、醫藥、生物工程、不銹鋼精鑄、高檔貝瓷、電子原件、紡織、服裝) 。
  • This article researched and probed into establishing modem agriculture and biology engineering training center in research - type university , based on enhancing the management system , it discussed the practice contents , management mode , service object and teaching course , and proposed the implementation way of the opening practice training center construction
  • Bioflocculant is the important sort of the crude macromolecular flocculant . it has such advantages : no toxicity , no second pollution , many sorts of microorganism that can produced bioflocculant , be easy to achieve industrialization through biology engineering , can bio - decompose organic pollutant while flocculate the suspension and colloid
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