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  • The concisions show that : 1
  • As concision agent, we do business on commission basis
  • Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision
  • “ partly it has to do with greater concision, ” mr
  • Accuracy and concision are principles of the standardization of translating chinese medical terminology into english
  • The algorithm has the concision of linear calibration and improves the accuracy in calibration of robot soccer vision system
  • The characteristic of the system is concision of interface, simple operation and high efficiency . the cooperation optimal strategy is the highlight of this system
  • Decision trees are widely applied in data mining for its character such as simplicity and concision compared with other classification models
  • Next, the control mode of on-line measurement is devised for the purpose of on-line measurement in a vacuum interrupter and the concision utility
  • As a new domain in the computer application, embedded real-time operation system is widely concerned by its concision and efficiency
  • It's difficult to see concisions in a sentence. 用concisions造句挺難的
  • Currently, most work has been put on numerical value analyzing and theoretical research, which has the character of concision results and easily being digitalized
  • This structure has the both virtue of common dome and cable dome-its concision, its high capacity and its easiness in construction, and so is a potential new type of spatial structure
  • This algorithm can discovery the relationship of the events and can discover more knowledge and the cost is more cheap than other algorithm, the algorithm is concision, frank, it take only ( o ( n3 ) ) time
  • This " method of construction " ( realized through the method of completing square ) is far conciser than my classification method and i feel pleasantly surprised at the beauty of concision from the standard solution
  • Embedded system speeds up the design process of industry, and reduces exploration cost and risk . it features simple operation, flexible expansibility, high-efficiency and concision . it can be simple used in industry field
  • The establishment of index system for performance evaluation of science and technology plan projects should follow the principles of objectivity, unity of systematicity and multi-levels, concision, scientificity, multi-type and feasibility
  • Study indicates that adapted ms potential surface is a kind of potential with concision form, coherent expression that can describe exactly the characteristic of system interaction . non-elastic scattering sections are sensitive to orientation of potential and strength of repulsive potential
  • In the course of scattering with the same energy, the excited probabilities of lower exciting states are far off bigger than ones of higher exciting states . all in all, the adapted ms potential has advantages of concision form, less adjustable parameters, convenient for applicant
  • With the development of web, xml grows up to be hotspot that the research institutions and enterprises pursue and has been a general language used in web data, which has the characteristic of structure, formalization, expansibility and concision . meanwhile, the characteristic of this language's working on different platform permits that the developers can congregate and combine the data from all the usable resources and make them more valuable
  • With the advanced technical equipments made in domestic and aboad, andcollected the fashion infomation extensively . communicate with clients timely, together with our earnest and strict working sprirts, we have designed many kinds of our bestboy products featuring leisure, concision, comfort and practisality, independence and creativity
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