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economic position造句

"economic position"是什麼意思  economic positionの例文  
  • The economic position of the country is disastrous .
  • A high correlation exists in america between education and economic position .
  • Discussing on relocating the economic position of tianjin in around bohai sea area
  • A study of overseas chinese intermediary ' s economic position in southeast asia in the early 20 th century
  • The economic position and function of medium and small size enterprises in the development of western area
  • The power change between federal government and provincial governments is related to the change of economic position of provinces
  • Sometimes we may give a brief account of its history , geography as well as economic position , if necessary
  • Meanwhile , the economic position of various demographic groups has been changed as “ within industry ” and “ between industry ”
  • That is how remote argentina is geographically , and it is equally remote in terms of its present monetary and economic position
  • The reason is that we only know the constitution status of our nonpublicly - owned economy from social economic position , but from the constitutional value
  • It's difficult to see economic position in a sentence. 用economic position造句挺難的
  • From the historical and current analyses , the author gives the reader a basic thread of thought on the economic position development in east asia region
  • Thus britain was then in an apparently strong economic position , a position it clearly no longer occupies , which indicates some sort of decline
  • History of economy indicates : usa has established its powerful economic position in world after 5 m & a climaxes . merger and acquisition of listed companies in china began at the initial of the 1990s
  • Since the reformation and open policy carrying out , china improves her political and economic position in the world . she has also becomes a great shipping country and a commissioner in iso
  • Exhaustible - resource - area ' s economic position and function over china has declined during the transposition of economic system . which is closely related to the lag of adjustment of industrial structure
  • Along with the development of our society , their economic position and living standard have got obvious improvement , but their political living standard , especially political - participating condition , is not very optimistic
  • In comparison with other east asian developing countries in particular , malaysian industrialization has undergone the development stage of heavy industry , or , import substitution ii that has greatly strengthened its economic position of strength as well as competitiveness of export commodities
  • Rely on capital ' s political and economic positions , headquarters of petrochemical groups , and contractions of the new base of petroleum chemical engineering materials in beijing ( 2km away from the market )
  • They conclude that such dramatic technological innovations as the spinning jenny , the sewing machine , the typewriter , and the vacuum cleaner have not resulted in equally dramatic social changes in women ' s economic position or in the prevailing evaluation of women ' s work
  • In any situation where a disparity of treatment arises between the interpretation and or application of an accounting standard and the interpretation and or application of the true legal form of a transaction , the strict legal position and not the economic position dictated by the relevant accounting standard will prevail
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