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"egalitarianism"是什麼意思  egalitarianismの例文  


  • How far are we from becoming rich together ? - some reflection on theory and practice of egalitarianism
  • The maoist state preached egalitarianism and relied on the loyalty of workers and peasants
  • The dissolution of a centre : hierarchy and egalitarianism of temples meeting festival in a north china area
  • Despite its brutal beginnings , the city s mixture of pragmatic egalitarianism and plain indifference has transformed it into a thriving multicultural society
  • And scandinavia ' s egalitarianism might work less well in places with more diverse populations and less competent teachers
  • We used to practise egalitarianism , with everyone " eating from the same big pot " . in fact , that practice meant common backwardness and poverty , which caused us much suffering
    過去搞平均主義,吃“大鍋飯” ,實際上是共同落后,共同貧窮,我們就是吃了這個虧。
  • Just a moment , aim at the justice problem , a vigorous contestation was launched among the egalitarianism representative by rawls and rights thesis representative by nozick and communitarianism representative by maclntyre
  • This thesis pays key attention to the achievements the reform of position - pay has attained , such as pay factor became more competitive ; carrying out of a series of distributing system and matched management system standardizes the pay system , promotes the openness of distribution system ; the formation of position - based pay system strengthens the all basic works , pushes forward the development of human resources ; forms the adjustable system of pay and inner competitive , flexible system , etc . however , there are a lot of inadequacy existing in the position - pay system of bayi corporation , the basic work of position - pay system is still not solid ; performance appraisal system is not sound ; performance wages go only with decrease but no increase , which became the new egalitarianism and hard to motivate the zeal of employee
    本文重點分析了崗薪制改革取得的成效,如薪酬競爭力有了很大的提高;一系列相關分配制度和配套管理制度的實施,規范了薪酬的管理,提高了分配制度的透明度;形成了以崗位為根本的薪酬體系,加強了各項基礎工作,推動了人力資源的開發;形成了薪酬的可調節機制和內部競爭、流動機制等。但是,八鋼公司的崗薪制體系也存在很多不足,如崗薪工資的基礎工作仍不扎實;績效考核體系不健全;績效工資只減不加,成為新的“大鍋飯” ,難以調動職工的積極性等。
  • According to the relative knowledge of encouraging theory that i have learnt , by practical investigation and study and multiple analysis , 1 think that the problem of encouraging and restraint mechanism for enterprise lower managers are : no1 . as for achievement examination , the goal setting is not reasonable , distort the function of encouraging mechanism ; no2 . egalitarianism is universal and it damage the principle of distribution system that according to working result ; no3
  • Even though professional skill personnel staff ( it is below except for the style of writing necessaries and all abbreviate technical personnel ) the significance lifts increasingly , it be living much state - owned enterprises . since traditional viewpoint effect of history reason and egalitarianism , how effectively inspire technical personnel in order to bring into play the target service problem that such latent energy is the realization business , and have not arouse enough value ample of business
  • It's difficult to see egalitarianism in a sentence. 用egalitarianism造句挺難的
  • But in recent years along with enterprise interior personnel structure change , postal service enterprise in salary system aspect contradiction day by day prominent , the wage level and the market price position come apart , the position wages cannot reflect the position value , the achievements system of examining and assessment lacked may operational , the assignment way still quite sole , different had the contradiction as a result of the staff status which the same labor different reward phenomenon initiated to be very prominent , neglects the different post to undertake the difference which the different work responsibility produced , still continued to use the tradition in the achievements inspection , take experiences judges as the main body achievements inspection method , the staff individual income and the contribution size is not close , the varying degree has the egalitarianism ,
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