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"frequently-used"是什麼意思  frequently-usedの例文  


  • Frequently - used items are promoted to allow multiple toolbars to share a single row
  • 8 . id type : please select your most frequently - used id in the following list
  • Like vanilla , but with many of the less - frequently - use drivers removed sound , video4linux , etc
  • Here are some routines that will help you easily migrate some frequently - used functionality in other database products
  • 6 . confirm e - mail address : please reenter your frequently - used email address and make sure two entries are identical
  • 5 . e - mail address : please enter your frequently - used email address . no non - english characters or full - width characters are accepted
  • Frequently - used parameters , such as the amp type , have their own independent dial , and the tone controls can also be adjusted as easily as on a guitar or bass amp simply by turning the knobs
  • Special treatment of key words : frequently - used words , which are the building blocks to learning the language , are given a special layout and usage notes to help users deal with them correctly
  • Custom prototypes make it possible for you to define frequently - used configurations of applications and endpoints without needing to configure them each time you add new ones to the diagram
  • Because browser / server modal is the best , and it is a frequently - used structure , we introduce the web database , analyze the existent questions of the item bank on web , and give the method in the end
    本文還分析了題庫在網上實現時所存在的問題并給出了具體處理辦法。 delphi6是目前運用較多的程序設計語言,它易于實現,且與數據庫sqlservel能緊密結合。
  • It's difficult to see frequently-used in a sentence. 用frequently-used造句挺難的
  • “ how to play table tennis ” introduces to you the fundamental knowledge of table tennis , basic stances , postures , footwork , grips of the racket , and frequently - used playing methods and techniques , helping you improve your table tennis skills quickly
  • Frequently - used items , such as door knobs and telephones , as well as furniture , floors and walls , the kitchen and toilet , should be cleaned thoroughly with a solution of diluted domestic bleach - one part bleach mixed with 99 parts of water . wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • Frequently - used items , such as door knobs and telephones , as well as furniture , floors and walls , the kitchen and toilet , should be cleaned thoroughly with a solution of diluted domestic bleach - one part bleach mixed with 99 parts of water . wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • The course is designed and scheduled based on the frequently - used vocabulary and characters , and grammar required by hanyu shuiping kaoshi ( basic ) official guideline , with consolidated exercises , help the candidates comprehensive the test structure and module , and the primary testing emphasis properly and proficiently , so that the student can have a well - prepare for the test
  • Associated with a project of the planned xuefengshan tunnel with 7 . 6 km long during the construction of shaoyang to huaihua expressway in hunan province of shanghai to ruili national trunk highway , this paper firstly makes an introduction of the frequently - used analysis & computation methods for tunnel supporting structure . then , based on the analysis of the basic theory about the interaction mechanism of surrounding rock and support structure , a spatial computation model is made , a coupling numerical computation method with 3 - d elastic - plastic finite element and infinite element is proposed , and a comprehensive analysis has been made to the effects of the overall stability and safety of the surrounding rocks of different characteristics , different classes and under different construction methods . and thus the problem of 3 - d infinite region to which applying the general finite ca n ' t do has been resolved
  • Afterwards , the simulation of the frequently - used search algorithms will be undertaken , for instance , three step search algorithm , four step search algorithm , new three step search algorithm , diamond search algorithm etc . after the comparison between those search algorithms in terms of accurateness of search and complexity metrics of calculation , it is shown that the diamond search algorithm has the best performance
    主要內容有:首先,從mpeg - 4視頻編碼的核心模塊運動估計入手,對常用的四種搜索算法進行了仿真,從搜索準確度和計算復雜度兩方面給出對比結果。優化了菱形搜索算法的搜索流程,避免了重復計算。 sad計算時采用提前退出策略,減小了計算量而沒有損失搜索準確度。
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