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  • If this perturbed iberian sailors, it was nothing to the fright which the turkish armies were giving the princes and peoples of eastern and southern europe .
  • Or the irish , who came from the iberian peninsula
  • We bring you a fantastic itinerary that will lead you to the iberian peninsula
  • Photographs , descriptions , and audio samples of traditional instruments and music - related images from the iberian peninsula
  • A neanderthal ability to travel across small stretches of sea would help explain why the iberian peninsula has older examples of human remains than , say , france
  • Though spain and portugal are not very warm during this time , you can soak up the iberian culture and streets and markets of madrid , barcelona and lisbon
  • Spain is one of the ancient countries in europe and together with her close neighbour portugal , occupies iberian peninsula - a vast block of land in the extreme south - west corner of europe
  • Four subjects have shot up the rankings , with drama up from 6 to 4 , iberian languages up from 18 to 11 , general engineering up from 14 to 13 and economics up from 17 to 16
    我們有四門課程名次上升了,戲劇從第六升到第四,伊伯利亞語從18提高到11位,工程類從14名上升到13名,而且經濟學從第17為升至16 。
  • The red swamp crayfish , for example , has tucked into the paddy fields of the iberian peninsula with gusto , eating rice seedlings and burrowing into the banks of drainage channels , causing them to collapse
  • It ' s spain ' s international left - back versus spain ' s international right winger on wednesday night at stamford bridge as the two young guns of iberian football go head - to - head in the champions league
  • It's difficult to see iberian in a sentence. 用iberian造句挺難的
  • [ color = navy ] it ' s spain ' s international left - back versus spain ' s international right winger on wednesday night at stamford bridge as the two young guns of iberian football go head - to - head in the champions league
  • Lisbon portugal 28 nov spanish oil companies repsol and cepsa head the ranking of the largest iberian companies by annual turnover while the best - placed portuguese company is energy company galp energia in eighth place
    葡萄牙里斯本, 11月28日電西班牙石油公司repsol和cepsa在伊比利亞半島公司的年營業額排名中領先。葡萄牙的最佳排名是能源公司galp energia ,排名第8
  • The iberian peninsula ? now home to spain , portugal , and gibraltar ? was a final holdout for neandertals ( often spelled " neanderthals " ) as modern humans spread across the rest of europe and an ice age descended , a new study says
  • In the list of the 1 500 largest companies in the iberian peninsula published monday by portuguese consulting company coface mope repsol and cepsa top the table with turnover of 12 . 4 billion euros and 10 . 7 billion euros respectively in 2004
    葡萄牙咨詢公司coface mope周一公布的伊比利亞半島1500個公司2004年的營業額排名中, repsol和cepsa分別以124億歐元和107億歐元高居榜首。
  • Tubby never tried to hide that jos irritated him intensely , possibly because everybody decided that there was room only for one iberian tactical genius in the premiership , and most people plumped for the more charismatic and handsome one
  • Lisbon portugal 12 dec portugal will have a third oil refinery in 2009 and it will be the largest of its kind in the iberian peninsula under the terms of a memorandum of understanding signed friday by the portuguese government and businessman patrick monteiro de barros
  • Lisbon portugal 23 nov chinese company lenovo plans to target the small and medium - sized enterprise sme segment in order to become the personal computer pc market leader in portugal and spain said the company s director general in the iberian peninsula isla ramos
    葡萄牙,里斯本, 11月23日中國聯想駐伊比利亞半島總干事艾絲拉?拉莫斯稱,聯想計劃針對中小型企業展開攻勢,意欲成為葡萄牙和西班牙個人電腦pc市場的領頭羊。
  • In moscow as soon as he entered his huge house in which the faded and fading princesses still lived , with its enormous retinue ; as soon as , driving through the town , he saw the iberian shrine with innumerable tapers burning before the golden covers of the icons , the kremlin square with its snow undisturbed by vehicles , the sleigh drivers and hovels of the sivtsev vrazhok , those old moscovites who desired nothing , hurried nowhere , and were ending their days leisurely ; when he saw those old moscow ladies , the moscow balls , and the english club , he felt himself at home in a quiet haven
    在莫斯科,他一走進他那棟高古的住宅(它里面住著已經憔悴和正在憔悴的公爵小姐及許多家仆)的時候,在他駛過全城,剛剛看見那金鏤袈裟前面的無數燭光的伊韋爾小教堂,看見那積雪未被車子壓臟的克里姆林廣場,看見西夫采夫?弗拉若克貧民區的馬車夫和茅舍的時候,在他一看見那些無所希冀、足不出戶地虛度殘生的莫斯科老人的時候,在他一看見那些老太太,那些莫斯科的太太小姐、莫斯科的芭蕾舞和莫斯科的英國俱樂部的時候, ? ?他就覺得自己置身于家中,置身于平靜的安身之處。
  • In an interview with portuguese business daily di rio econ mico ramos said that after merging the iberian operations with ibm lenova will move ahead in the area of institutions universities and medium - sized companies the next step for 2006 is to move in aggressively to small companies and only later in retail the end user
    在葡萄牙經濟日報的采訪中,拉莫斯說,在合并ibm伊比利亞的業務之后,聯想將“先針對機構大學和中型公司展開攻勢, 2006年對小公司進行大規模出擊,最后才對終端用戶開展零售業務。 ”
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