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in breadth造句

"in breadth"是什麼意思  in breadthの例文  


  • Contradictions grow in breadth and in depth .
  • This room is nine feet in breadth .
  • The room is four metres in breadth .
  • The room is 15 feet in length and 10 feet in breadth
  • It was a small river, six feet in breadth
  • This river is ten meters in breadth
  • But it can be arbitrarily high fidelity in breadth at very little cost ( just sketching, which is part of design anyway )
  • Of this there shall be for the sanctuary five hundred in length, with five hundred in breadth, square round about; and fifty cubits round about for the suburbs thereof
  • I daresay they ve not kept you too well at school : miss reed is the head and shoulders taller than you are; and miss georgiana would make two of you in breadth
  • While there is no restriction on the style of calligraphy, horizontal left to right writings are encouraged . the paper bearing the writings should not exceed 1000mm in breadth or lengthwise
  • It's difficult to see in breadth in a sentence. 用in breadth造句挺難的
  • And over against the border of the priests the levites shall have five and twenty thousand in length, and ten thousand in breadth : all the length shall be five and twenty thousand, and the breadth ten thousand
  • Public schools do not claim to be more efficient at giving instruction than the grammar schools, but they do say that they try to create conditions in which the mind can develop in breadth as wdll as depth, and not only the mind but the whole personality as well
  • Lend us a hand well do you a good turn one day ! twenty men of the sixth company, who were passing, joined them, and the wattle wall, thirty-five feet in length, and seven feet in breadth, was dragged along the village street, falling over, and cutting the shoulders of the panting soldiers
  • Indeed, it does not embrace the whole of the movement of creation which is available to you, but you are literally standing in the middle of reality being more of the presence of the movement of reality, which, if you will continue, will increase in scope, in breadth and depth of experience, and which necessarily will look like something, will look like you being the fuller representation of the presence of god
  • Nevertheless, in the author's opinion, the continuously increasing protection of the world intellectual property is counteractant and harmful to the society in some aspects . intellectual property is the means of protecting an obligee's economic profit, instead of the means as payment by which intellectual property makes its creative achievement public so as to promote creative power through requiring a certain period of monopolistic right . the contradictions between developed countries and developing countries grow in breadth and in depth, and the development gap between the rich and the poor becomes wider because of the increasingly serious monopolistic problem in intellectual property field and immoderate behavior of the government in protecting intellectual property
  • My hedge was begun and carry d on, i believe, about fifty yards, when this thought occurr d to me, so i presently stopt short, and for the first beginning i resolv d to enclose a piece of about 150 yards in length, and 100 yards in breadth, which as it would maintain as many as i should have in any reasonable time, so as my flock encreased, i could add more ground to my enclosure
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