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  • Government encourages adoption of m - commerce in hong kong
  • A study on application of m - commerce
  • The revolution in m - commerce
  • Diversinet is enabling mobile e - commerce ( m - commerce ) services with its wireless security infrastructure solutions
  • We realized that m - commerce is the future of e - commerce and responded to that belief with the creation of the mobile e - cert
  • Application development related to the internet , e m - commerce and information security would be the key areas of growth in the coming years
  • Businesses can open up new distribution channels for products and services on a secure m - commerce platform supported by mobile digital certificates
  • In technical instruction technical writing film history from the university of north texas . his undergraduate degree is in computer science from texas a m - commerce
    他的本科學歷是從texas a & m - commerce大學計算機科學系獲得的。
  • Mobile commerce is limited to mobile telecommunication networks , which are accessed through wireless hand - held devices , mobile e - commerce , or m - commerce , is a subset of electronic commerce
    移動電子商務:移動電子商務是限于移動電訊網絡(是通過無線的手提設備訪問的) ,移動電子商務也是電子商務的一部分。
  • The position strategy we present in this paper has consult value for the coming m - commerce , at the same time , it also use for referrence for location management in mobile communication system
  • It's difficult to see m-commerce in a sentence. 用m-commerce造句挺難的
  • Security is one of the great hurdles in the growth of e - commerce and m - commerce and we are proud to be working with hongkong post to strive towards the development of an open platform for both the industry and the region .
  • We are witnessing the coming together of mobile operators , financial enterprises , security vendors , and hong kong s major certification authority for the cooperation and commitment of making secure m - commerce a reality for all of hong kong
  • M - commerce is no long an extension of fixed electronic commerce ( e - commerce ) , but an independent area of developing and applying technology . it is also a new industry with its own unique feature and inherent characteristics from both mobile communication and internet
  • With an unbeatable combination of experience and expertise , trustasia is poised to be the fastest growing internet trust services company in the region , providing the foundation to support the explosion of e - commerce and m - commerce in the growing chinese and southeast asian markets
    憑藉其豐富經驗及專業技術, trustasia已成為區內增長最快速的網絡安全服務公司,致力于提供基建設施,以配合中國和東南亞市場電子商貿及流動商貿的急速發展。
  • It is undoubtedly a major challenge for oss to provide under the complex mobile technological environment various powerful services such as m - commerce , m - office and location - based service ( lbs ) since many problems need to be solved compared with traditional services
  • Mobile information has become the most important applications in the enterprise information applications . m - commerce settlement has expanded from the initial and simple function such as sms and blessings to the intensive service applications such as sales and management
  • With the support of itf and its partners , eti has developed a number of technologies , such as rfid middleware , new data mining system called knowbiz , the business - to - consumer platform called mega payment system , and safe connect , which provides m - commerce security using the server - assisted wireless public key infrastructure technology
    在香港政府itf以及其他合作伴的支援下, eti已經開發了一系列的?品與技術,比如,名?綜合支付系統mega payment system的b2c電子商務平臺和移動商務錦囊safe connect 。
  • In this paper , basing on intruducing the technology supporting the m - commerce , the m - commerce ' s emergence and its foreground , we summarize its characteristic and the technic request of m - commerce application ; study the rule of mt and bring forward generic model of mt ; and simulate the mt crosses the boundary of las by computer simulation ; during the simulation , we design a method of a mobile acrosses the boundary of las in six direction ; then , analysis the result from the simulation by visual c + + 6 . 0 and get the conclusion : mobile roaming is locality . this conclusion is significant to the design of the location management . considering the characteristic of m - commerce application and the mt ' s mobility , we present a position strategy , including reporting center selection , adaptive update and forwarding pointers
    本文在介紹了移動商務的支撐技術以及它的出現和發展前景的基礎之上,通過對移動商務框架的剖析和對應用的研究,總結出了移動商務的特點和各種應用的技術要求;對移動商務中移動臺規律進行研究,提出了移動臺的一般模型;利用計算機仿真技術,對移動臺越區漫游進行了仿真;在仿真過程中設計了基于微蜂窩網絡的移動臺的6個方向越區漫游仿真算法,然后用visualc + + 6 . 0所編制的程序的運行結果進行分析,得出了移動臺越區漫游具有局部性的結論。
  • This paper analyses the major features , functions and market influence of m - commerce and c2c e - commerce , and brings forward a new model of c2c based on m - commerce platform according to both domestic and overseas development and practical application of m - commerce . it further clarifies the technological structure , technical process and other related issues of mobile e - commerce . as a result , it shows that the development of mobile c2c is not only urgently needed , but also is technically feasible and operative
  • The main aim of this research is to solve how to trace the mobile terminal ( mt ) among mobile - commerce ( m - commerce ) and to present a reasonable effective and optimized position strategy with low - consumption , so as to improve the efficiency of resource and the holistic performance of the m - commerce system
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