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map analysis造句

"map analysis"是什麼意思  map analysisの例文  
  • Comprehensive application of mapping analysis in search of absent coal seam
  • Genetic and mapping analysis of arabidopsis thaliana male sterile mutant ms1502 cruciferae
  • Identification of vimentin in subline coc1 ddp by maldi - tof mass peptide map analysis
  • Magnetic map analysis
  • The discriminate model for the corner risk in future based on nonlinear mapping analysis and its application
  • Surface electromyography signal power spectrum during static load using two - dimensional mapping analysis
  • Table 2 summarizes the map analysis and specifies how to transform the export file into a soap request
  • 5 . twenty - one and seventeen qtls were identified in qtl mapping analysis of heading date and kilo - grain weight respectively
    對抽穗期和千粒重的qtl定位分析,分別發現了21個和17個qtl 。
  • Once you ve successfully completed the map analysis , it is a simple task to write the corresponding xi rules and xslt stylesheet
  • It is very uncommon for the map analysis to find missing information - that is , information required by the server that is neither in the export file nor a constant
  • It's difficult to see map analysis in a sentence. 用map analysis造句挺難的
  • A mapping analysis revealed that ast gene was located on chromosome i , and located between sslp molecular marker nga280 and caps molecular marker pab5
    初步作圖分析表明, ast基因定位于擬南芥第在號染色體上,并且位于sslp分子標記nga280和caps分子標記pab5之間。
  • Both genbank blast search and restriction enzyme map analysis reveal that the sequences of bdnf mature peptides from different species are highly conserved during evolution
  • The causes for the muffler attenuation trough was analyzed by the sound modal analysis and the sound pressure map analysis , and the improvement was put forward with the control measure of the long duct standing wave
  • In the visual system , as there is no rf and map analysis during learning per se , the evidence presented are from increased neuronal responsiveness , and from the effects of perceptual learning in human and non human primates
  • Two illustrative examples , a duffing oscillator subject to a harmonic parametric control and a driven murali - lakshmanan - chua ( mlc ) circuit imposed with a weak harmonic control , are presented here to show that the random phase plays a decisive role for control function . the method for computing the top lyapunov exponent is based on khasminskii ' s formulation for linearized systems . then , the obtained results are further verified by the poincare map analysis on dynamical behavior of the system , such as stability , bifurcation and chaos
    通過兩個實例,即一類參激激勵作用下的duffing系統和一類murali - lakshmanan - chua ( mlc )電路,考察隨機相位在非反饋混沌控制中的影響與作用,利用最大lyapunov指數和poincare截面分析法證實了隨機相位確實可以用來調節系統的混沌行為,即一個小的隨機相位的擾動可能導致系統從有序轉變為無序,也可能使得系統從無序轉變為有序。
  • Through the collection of internal information , industry information , by the using of questionnaires , interviews , work - log , observation and other methods , we have a comprehensive understanding of the company . then focused on the status of human resources management and performance diagnostic analysis of the current situation , we identify problems and resolve these issues to determine the ways and ideas . by the relevant theoretical guidance of performance management , this article use the method of pie chart analysis , swot ( strengths , weaknesses , opportunities , threats ) analysis , radar map analysis , fish bone analysis , combined with bsc ( balanced scorecard ) , kpi ( key performance indicators ) , and use the idea of mbo ( management
    在績效管理相關理論的指導下,本文利用了餅圖分析法、 swot分析法、雷達圖分析法、魚骨圖分析法等分析方法和工具對所收集的信息及數據進行分析處理,結合平衡計分卡( bsc )及關鍵績效指標( kpi )法的基本原理,利用目標管理法( mbo )的思想,將以結果為導向和以過程為導向的考核方法做了綜合,提取出了基于戰略,以崗位目標為導向,行為和業績并重的績效指標體系和具體的績效考核實施方案,并根據公司人力資源實際情況,結合績效管理pdca的理論思想,成功設計出了一套完整實用的績效管理體系。
  • The latest scheme for objective analysis and mathematical model of quadratic 8 spline connecting line is using for improving analysis quality . plotting test have shown that this scheme has the characteristics such as reasonable design , high quality in map analysis
  • Mapgis being taking as basic plat , based on watershed information accumulation , watershed land resource map analysis was carried out on shape and structure on grounds of elementary theory of land resource . aided by spss software , principal analysis and clusters means was utilized to evaluate watershed ' s land quality hierarchy . experiment of combination of gis and subject model was made , to provide scientific foundation and technological support for watershed synthetic management and planning
  • Then , the plasmid was transformed into jm109 . the full length pstvd cdna recombinant plasmid was further identified by restriction mapping analysis and the nucleotide sequence of cdna cloned in pmd 18 - t vector was analyzed with ab1 377 dna sequence . test showed that the cdna of this chinese pstvd isolate was the same as pstvd - kf - 6 mild " type " isolate which originated from naturally infected potatoes in field of cornell university potato breeding program
    利用rt - pgr技術,設計一對引物,對田間采集的經鑒定含pstvd的陽性樣品進行全序列擴增,并將所得產物純化回收,連接到pmd18t - vector中,并轉化至大腸桿菌jm109中,挑選白斑進行雙酶切( saci / ecorv )鑒定證明插入片段為359bp大小,進行序列測定,所得克隆基因為pstvd全序列負鏈,大小為359bp 。
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