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"misapprehension"是什麼意思  misapprehensionの例文  


  • She could not attribute such behaviour to mistake or misapprehension of any kind .
  • I ' d hate to think you ' re under any misapprehension
  • An analysis of misapprehensions in the civilians ' employment
  • Misapprehension and countermeasure on sme ' s financing problems
  • I thought you wanted to see me but i was clearly under a complete misapprehension
  • Communicating , don ' t leave over misapprehension ; handshake , don ' t let down voluntarily
  • Literary giant who encountered historical misapprehension reappraisal of the literary position of luo yin
  • Non - disease exists when a patient is under the misapprehension that disease is present
  • I think , miss marple , that you are under a slight misapprehension , began mr . petherick
    “我覺得,馬普爾小姐,你有些誤會了。 ”彭斯瑞克先生說。
  • Queried mr bloom , bending , fancying he was perhaps under some misapprehension . excuse me
    布盧姆先生以為自己或許誤會了,就探過身去問, “請原諒。
  • It's difficult to see misapprehension in a sentence. 用misapprehension造句挺難的
  • Perhaps we could start to ease some misapprehensions by opening a three - way dialogue among historians
  • " on rereading your letter it seems to us that you are laboring under the misapprehension that we pay for unsolicited manuscripts
  • She scrupulously [ 3 ] reworks translations of ancient texts to make them comprehensible , spotting mistranslations and misapprehensions galore [ 4 ]
  • What comforted his misapprehension ? that as a competent keyless citizen he had proceeded energetically from the unknown to the known through the incertitude of the void
  • The second is misapprehension on science that looks on science in non - scientific attitude and become anti - science emotion . the third is " animadvert " on science that too unilateral and utmost
    其二,由于對科學的誤解,用非科學的態度看待科迫回八項士學位論文wmasiyil ’ sllesis一學,最后轉變成為反科學的情緒。
  • The paper discusses the regularity of optimum point for resection operation within an angle or a triangle , and points out some misapprehension used in resection operation and in following some standard
  • The aim of the inquiry is to obtain some understanding of the western culture tradition with compassion and to try its best to reduce the misapprehensions in the cultural intercourse between china and the outer world
    解讀的目的,是想對西方的學術傳統獲得一些“同情的了解” ,為減少中西文化交流中的誤讀現象做些力所能及的努力。
  • As the swift development of computer international mutual network , there is a misapprehension to the electronic commerce , which thinks that the essential of the electronic commerce is to reduce the number of exchange agencies
  • And that resulted from a misapprehension that the managed support represented not a domain abstraction but an evolutionary programming paradigm that required a language extension similar to that introduced by stroustrup to support object - oriented and generic programming
  • To our country , people take a great mistaken comprehension on geographical indication ’ s concept , the concept of geographical indications usually is confused with the appellations of origin , indications of source or other concepts . this text will study the development and evolution of geographical indication systemicly from the angle of history , and compare it with other correlative concepts , so that to defecate the misapprehension
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