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"oilcan"是什麼意思  oilcanの例文  


  • Study on the traveling mechanism of the oilcan cleaning system
  • Design of a monitoring system for an oilcan based on kingview
  • The analysis of the causes of fire disasters and prevention measures in oilcan section
  • Analysis on the wainscot distortion of the middle small column type oilcan and its measures
  • The application of optical fiber grating fire alarming system sensitive to temperature to oilcan groups
  • The oilcan area automatic oil - loading system introduced in this paper adopted distributed structure
  • Experimental and numerical investigations of the fuel - air mixture explosion in a simulative metal oilcan
  • In the basis of the above system , established the oilcan area management information system , realized remote monitoring and managing of real - time producing informati on
  • Presently the domestic and overseas scholars pay more attention to the safety problem of large - scale oilcan section , and the oilcan ' s explosion resist ability is one of pop research problems
  • Taking the dynamic compaction of new part product oilcan foundation in dalian as an example , this paper expounds the dynamic compaction method for reinforcing the foundation of large - scale oiltank
  • It's difficult to see oilcan in a sentence. 用oilcan造句挺難的
  • Because explosive shape is regular , steel plate mainly occurs shear damage similar to hole piercing , the extent of damage gradually increase with explosive mass increasing , finally explosion outcome will enter oilcan ' s interior from crevasse
  • This paper using ls - dyna finite element analysis program to model the damage process of oilcan steel plate under no . 3 rock explosive load , analysing the effect of the mass and shape of explosive to steel plates extent of damage and shape of crevasse
    利用ls - dyna有限元程序,模擬了油罐鋼板在3 (上標# )巖石炸藥爆炸載荷下的破壞過程,分析了炸藥質量、藥柱形狀對鋼板破壞程度和破口形狀的影響。
  • With the development of the demands for petrochemical industry , the requirement for the automatic oil - loading system and the automation of monitoring the oilcan area is increasing . so the traditional manual operation ca n ' t meet the demands of the automatic loading system and tele - monitoring
  • This locomotive fuel information system make use of advanced computer internet management technology and apply the procedure control based on c / s model to integrate the oilcan measuring system , automatic control system for oiling of locomotive and fuel report system in the paper . it eliminates the disadvantage of mechanical and iterant manual work
    本文利用先進的計算機網絡技術及架構,運用c s結構的過程控制機制,對油庫計量子系統、機車自動加油控制子系統、鐵油報表子系統進行集成優化,消除了人工機械重復勞動和人為因素的不利影響。
  • The automatic control system for oiling of locomotive applies pc104 industrial control computer and ic technology to realize collection , storage and transfer of all data . the oilcan measuring and fuel report systems finish the plan , measuring , inspection of fuel and dynamic management of oilcan storage , fuel - filling and offer . thus it realizes the date - sharing information from locomotive depot to substation , which really makes the locomotive fuel information management intellectualized
    其中,機車自動加油控制子系統以pc104工控機為核心,運用ic卡技術,負責加油數據的采集,存儲和傳遞;油庫計量子系統和鐵油1 - 12報表子系統則通過網絡技術完成燃料的計劃、計量、檢驗、油罐存儲到發裝到機車上的整個管、供、用的全過程動態管理,實現了機務段到分局信息資源的共享,實現了真正意義的燃料管理信息化。
  • Secondly , in the fifth chapter , it introduces cimcs apply in oilcan control system in yangzi petro corp , and control system in nanjing oriental chemical technology . in the sixth chapter , it introduces the predictive control arithmetic based on rbf neural network and bp neural network , applying in the rectified column of ethylene , and the result is offered
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