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on many occasions造句

"on many occasions"是什麼意思  on many occasionsの例文  


  • His walking stick served him as a bludgeon on many occasions .
  • On many occasions i ' ve been the cat to make the shit come around
  • And has done so on many occasions .
  • And has done so on many occasions .
  • I think most americans have the gift of gab on many occasions
    (我想大部分美國人在許多場合,都很會說話。 )
  • Great books have salvaged , preserved , and transmitted the tradition on many occasions similar to our own
  • Although i have warned against this trend on many occasions , our party has failed to provide adequate leadership in combating it
  • I have stated on many occasions that we chinese are no less concerned about international peace and stability than are people in other countries
  • Thus , on many occasions a variety of approaches will be discussed , and the ( recent ) historical development of these approaches are emphasized
  • To what extent it shall operate so as to develop health and virtue will , on many occasions , be simply a question of opportunity and inducement
  • It's difficult to see on many occasions in a sentence. 用on many occasions造句挺難的
  • Through the years i would return to nevada on many occasions - but it would not be until the fourth of july weekend in 1989 that another major awakening would occur
  • After the incident , the chinese side has made representations on many occasions with the japanese side and expressed our strong dissatisfaction over japan ' s indiscreet use of force in china ' s exclusive economic zone
  • " i ' ve stated on many occasions how i wanted to reduce payroll , improve our talent base at the minor league level and improve our chances of trying to be the best we possibly can be , " cashman said
  • On many occasions , it has enabled us to issue more timely alerts of windshear caused by sea breeze and passage of cold fronts . the air traffic controller passes such alerts to aircraft pilots in good time .
  • The highest annual rainfall of 3343 mm was recorded in 1997 , a year in which rainstorms triggered severe flooding and numerous landslides in hong kong . the red and black rainstorm warnings had to be issued on many occasions
  • The government had in fact on many occasions released bits and pieces of figures and information , including the investment return on the exchange fund , land sales premia , and proceeds from the listing of mtr
  • I met politkovskaya on many occasions to discuss chechnya . bespectacled and deeply serious , she resembled a strict schoolteacher rather than a glamorous war reporter inured to intimidation and flying bullets
  • In south areas , binlang fruit is used widely on many occasions such as communication , reception and marriage , which has become an important carrier of folk custom and a special matrimonial convention of binlang fruit as a gift
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