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on mark造句

"on mark"是什麼意思  on markの例文  
  • Study on marking and enhancement of grouper, epinephelus
  • Joseph yam on marking to market
  • An extension on marked modal resolution
  • on mark twain's short stories
  • Or-for information on marking and finding specific locations in files, see
  • Study on marked-rank difference of selective projects in health standard of students'body constitution
  • A study on mark sign about science and technology statistics development of innovate china university
  • The current de-emphasis on marks, made it even more difficult for parents to persuade their children to study harder
  • It is importantusing on marks and pictures printing and glasses watch 、 refrigerator 、 asher 、 uminium alloy 、 organic glass etc 、 outside protect
  • During the process of the fast economic development, different regions took on marked difference owing to the differences of resources, physical geography and policies
  • It's difficult to see on mark in a sentence. 用on mark造句挺難的
  • On how to point out a start of an efficient developing strategy, the paper pays more attentions on marking the enterprise's resource and the competing preponderance, also on the affection of the outer environment
  • Two composing test paper algorithms are raised based on the maths module : random mix algorithm on mark, genetic algorithm . analyzes the results of these two ways to decide that when which way are used
  • This chapter reveals the meaning of the concept of state-assets property rights by making a comparative description of and comment on marks " thought on systems of ownership and the western property rights theories, which provides theoretical basis for the study on the management system of state-assets property rights in agricultural comprehensive development
  • The curriculum contents distant from local social and economic development, teaching ignoring students " cultural context and their development needs, and the evaluation systems based mainly on marks make most zhoucheng village's students feel defeated and make the schools whose mission is to sent students to a higher school meet with confidence crisis
  • Based on mark line recognition navigation, it becomes a main research direction because it has more merits than other visual navigation methods, such as easy setting up and changing of mark line, low technical cost and so on . meanwhile, it can quickly process the images and has a good performance of real-time control
  • Considering the comment of study result in geography for students based on marks, this theme, combined with the characteristics of geography and starting with the comment of study result in geography, researches the significance of the study result comment in geography, pressing need of reform and the basic ideas for the reform
  • Two strains of prrsv were isolated from the swine infected with prrsv in shangdong province and daqing area, in order to clarify the source and genetic background of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus ( prrsv ) from different parts of china, thus providing theoretic basis for the study of vaccine against it . the prrsv was cultured on mark-145 cells for 5 ~ ~ 6 passages . when the cpe was obvious, the virus was harvested and purified
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