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  • Sj - qf type automatic pp woven bags cutting and sewing machine , cutter
    Sj - qf編織袋自動切縫機
  • Always say qf is gotten run the market . explain specificly
  • Analysis of the introduction effects of qf on china ' s security market
  • Quality function deployment qf
  • Chapter 4 redesign of the internal personnel training system of qf group
  • Chapter 3 introduction and evaluation of the present internal personnel training system of qf group
  • After the demo , qf sports culture inc . presented a few game sets to the school to be used in student activities
  • Herewith , the qfii system became the central attention of the public and they also made a lot of exploitation around the system
  • Based on the theory of microwave transmission in the media , matching conditiqns qf absorption films for the capture and absorption of microwave signal were ; derived
  • Contested tour qualifying for the first time at shanghai ; on itf circuit , reached three qf in singles and captured career - first doubles title
    2001年,在上海站首次獲得參加巡回賽資格賽權。在itf衛星賽賽事中,共有三次晉級單打1 / 4決賽,并獲得職業生涯首個雙打冠軍頭銜。
  • It's difficult to see qf in a sentence. 用qf造句挺難的
  • In december 2002 , the qfii system has been introduced in china , which is the first step for the chinese capital market to confront with the international environments
  • To underpin the implementation of the qf , emb proposes to set up industry training advisory committees itacs to develop industry training specifications itss for individual industry sectors
  • Based on the brief introduction of construction management system and the re1evant theory qf modern enterprise system , the thesis discusses the connotation and characteristic of 1ega1 person
  • The qf will provide clear information on the standards of courses and course providers . with clear and flexible progression pathways , learners can draw up their own roadmaps to upgrade their skills and pursue lifelong learning
  • Regarding xu zhi - mo ' s literary works and his life experiences , this paper makes a recognition and evaluation of mao dun ' s qf xu zhi - mo , elaborates xu zhi - mo ' s thoughts and behavior , and finally reaches an objective and fair evaluation , considering him as a pure patriotic poet
  • With economy development , the contradiction of expansion qf cities and reduction of rural land . existence and development of peasant , and modernization and peasant small production are apparent obvious , countryside land using rights have gradually changed : peasant are deprived of land using rights by the nation levying land and by the collective collecting land , and the voluntary circulation among peasants because of manpower shifting make land collected with small scale etc . the circulation of land using rights is the necessary tendency , but how to ifiake the circulation in the order , protect peasants interests and national profits mostly are always concerning the subject about which many scholars and country worker are concerned
    而農民唯一的生活保障“土地” ,在經濟發展中成了“唐僧肉” ,農民土地使用權肆意剝奪、無序流轉非常嚴重。的確,隨著經濟發展,城市擴張與農村土地減少的矛盾、農民生存與發展的矛盾、農業現代化與農戶小生產的矛盾突顯,農村土地使用權不斷的發生變化:國家通過征地使農民永遠失去土地使用權,集體返租倒包集中土地使農民失去土地使用權,農戶之間由于勞動力轉移自愿流轉使土地小規模集中,等等,土地使用權流轉是我國經濟發展的必然趨向。
  • Section three , invoking the info - asymmetry theories of the economy , the writer deeply analyzed the probable influence on the chinese market ; section four , the writer has proposed the practicable methods to overcome the obstacles of the info - asymmetry - to consummate the info - ventilation systems , mainly contained the proposal of the demands , supplies and supervision of the information improving
    第四部分提出了解決信息不對稱以促進qf順利導入的方法? ?完善信息披露制度。主要從信息的需求、供給、監管三個方面分別提出了改善建議。首先,在投資者方面,應該不斷提升素質以打造有效的信息需求者,促進上市公司信息披露質量的提升。
  • So , on the basis of info - dissymmetry theory of the economy , the paper mainly analyzed the core cause of obstacle from the qfii system and explored the consummating method of the info - ventilation systems under the environments nowadays . the writer emphasized that we should harmonize the relations among the demands , supply and the supervision of the information and build up a good example of the info - consummation in the security business to boost up the affinity of the investors , which only in this way can we put the qfii system into practice easily
    針對此,本文嘗試利用經濟學理論來深入分析對qf造成最主要障礙的信息不對稱問題,得出其與qf的導入之間的關系,在此基礎上,探索了目前情況下,如何完善我國信息披露制度,提出必須協調好信息的需求、供給、監管這三方的關系,通過“三管齊下” ,樹立起我國證券市場在信息透明度方面的良好形象,增強對投資者的吸引力,推動qf制度的順利實施。
  • Then , the most important topic that every enterprise should face to is how to conceive and establish a scientific personnel training system conformed to the general conditions of our country and which could meet the demands of the enterprise ' s development at times of information economy qf group , established in 1958 , is a state - owned large - scale military key enterprise designed and built by our country
  • At first a lot of new characterizations of gorenstein injective modules are given , then the author claim that a ring r is qf if and only if every left ( or right ) r - modules are gorenstein injective , and then show that if r is two - side noetherian , r is n - gorenstein if and only if every n - th cosyzygy of an injective resolution of a left ( and right ) r - module is gorenstein injective if and only if every n - th syzygy of an injective resolvent of a left ( and right ) right module is gorenstein injective . finally , we prove that for an n - gorenstein ring r with n > 0 , every module can be embedded in a gorenstein injective module and the injective dimension of its cokernel is at most n - 1
    首先給出了gorenstein內射模的許多新的刻畫,推出了環r是qf環當且僅當每個左(右)的r -模的單邊內射分解式的第n個上合沖是gorenstein內射模,接著推出了左、右noether環只是n - gorenstein環當且僅當每個左(右)模的單邊內射分解式的第n個上合沖是gorenstein內射模當且僅當每個左(右)模的單邊內射預解式的第n合沖是gorenstein內射模,最后推出了n - gorenstein環中每個模都可嵌入到一個gorenstein內射模之中,且其上核的內射維數不大于n - 1 。
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